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Praise from Our Clients


  • "Julia, I would like to thank you again for organizing such an incredible event. I have never experienced such well organized and oiled machine, so nicely done and filled with such great vendors and super presenters."

    – Ivola Johnson, Arbonne Independent Consultant
  • "The ITM Events Team is always courtious, polite and aggressive actions are always taken to what needs to be achieved in a very personable and political matter... (and deal with some whom that need an attitude adjustment!!!). Julia and staff are able to deliver an incredibly successful event... effortless to the client. It is a pleasure to have the ITM crew on our side. Natalie Castellas-Drozda Catered Affairs"
  • "I see you as a strong entrepreneur in our community with so much potential for growth and job creation. We are lucky to have you here."

    – Teri Devine, Economic Development Coordinator Municipality of North Grenville
  • "Julia, I wanted to write you a quick note to say how pleased everyone was with dad's memorial party. You were great to work with at a tough time. You helped us plan and hold a party that was tasteful, meaningful and fun while still being affordable. Everyone associated with your company was professional and attentive to our every need. The little extras and attention to detail made it a hit. You helped us turn a terrible event into a celebration of dad's life. I had several people tell me the party couldn't have been better. It was simply the right way to send off my dad; he would have appreciated it."

    – Iain Smith
  • "Hey -- a quick message to say I picked up the Dandelion Festival's schedule leaflet. That alone looks amazing! So well put together and professional. You are bringing real integrity to this event, Julia. You're putting Kemptville and ITM on the map. The schedule itself is impressive. I have had nothing to do with this event except watch from afar and this little leaflet makes me feel proud to be a part of Kemptville. Yay, Julia for what you are doing. There is a whole new energy and buzz to this year's event. And I know it's you. I know you are crazy busy right now, but know you are making a difference and people are sitting up and taking notice. The naysayers and doubters I'm sure have been converted and those who believed all along have only been strengthened. Kudos, Lady, kudos."

    - A Friend
  • "I thought of you all and this important show this past weekend when the musician at a ceremony I was doing asked me what my personal views were on gay marriage. Took me off guard and after I explained that this was not really an appropriate space for me to discuss my personal views on anything but that if he wondered if I performed gay marriages then "Yes, absolutely and joyfully, I most certainly do!" He then told me to never call him to do the music for 'these kinds of weddings.' To say my heart didn't shatter a little in that moment would be a lie.... Love Is Proud is so important and valuable and I am happy you are continuing with it...
    Thanks so much for all you are doing to make this world a better place"  Julie Keon - Life Cycle Celebrant® and Marriage Officiant
  • "...From the first day we sat down with their team, they were able to take my vision of our Smile Give Away Gala and bring it to life...Their excitement matched mine and their enthusiasm about the entire event was very intoxicating...I cannot express enough gratitude...for their professionalism, enthusiasm, organization and creativity..."

    – Lisa Leduc, Marketing Director, Yazdani Family Dentistry
  • "I cannot thank you enough for the success of our Customer Appreciation Event. ITM took what we had dreamed of doing and turned it into something so much more. Every detail, including the ones we had not considered were perfect. Your staff was professional and easy to work with. Everything happened so seamlessly without the need for us to oversee anything. You enabled us to show up at our own event and interact with those attending. We felt like guests. Your discrete indications as to when we needed to move to the next thing keep everything in order and we did not need to give thought to any of it. This event has left our customers knowing exactly how important they are to us. That is something that we believe is priceless. I look forward to working with you and your team for our Spring Event"

    – Angela and Pascal Peladeau, Heritage Harvest Farm
  • “ are always calm and collected under pressure and you certainly aren’t afraid to handle any confrontation that might come up while maintaining a professional business manner. With my business I see and work with a lot of meeting planners and I can assure you that you certainly have a step over the majority of them already with your keen personality and your professionalism."

    – Derek McClintock, Images In Motion
  • "ITM went above and beyond for our event. They exceeded our needs and expectations when we had issues arise on short notice." - Spencerville Stampede