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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: An Ugly Lesson

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: An Ugly Lesson

“My step-dad got a new work truck, so I can drive the car now and don’t need to be picked up anymore!”

Little did I know that sentence would be the beginning of the end of my money. I have been very good at saving my money and not spending it on trivial things. If I earned money, most of it was put into savings. I knew that I may not have enough time for a job while doing full-time co-op with abnormal hours, but I thought it was fine because I saved up my money from my summer jobs and I thought it would get me through to second semester, with some to spare, until I could get a part-time job. I got through a few months completely oblivious to how fast my money was going. Two weeks ago, I took a look at my bank account expecting to still have a decent amount left, but my jaw dropped when I realized I only had $30 left and the next tank of gas in my car would leave me at $0. I started thinking about all the trips I took for meetings I attended at various Starbucks, coffee shops, and the team’s houses, and all the coffees and lunches purchased when I was there. It really added up fast and I could not believe how easy it was to drain my bank account.

My mom has always taught me about saving money and being responsible with it. I thought spending too much money and not having any left was a lesson I didn’t need to learn because I knew that it was important to save up my money for when I need  it. But evidently it is a lesson I  learned the hard way. I am not like some other teenagers, I don’t spend much money on movies, clothes, drugs and alcohol, or electronics, so the lesson I learned was that it is not hard to spend too much money in unexpected places.

I am glad it is a lesson I learned now and not further down the road when my parents can’t bail me out as easily, because I can now see how people blow through their wedding and event budgets when a purchase seems small and then it quickly adds up if you do not consider every purchase carefully. But it is a hard lesson to learn at any age or in any situation and I hate to see my money go faster than it came.

Analytical by nature, Julia excels at conceptualizing the vision for an event as well as managing details large and small. She is a strategic thinker who considers the lifespan impact of an event, taking great care to plan an event today so that it evolves into her clients’ vision of the event five years from now. Julia and her team also work closely with clients with long-running events to analyze the event’s strengths and challenges, and refresh the event to take it to the next level. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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