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Team Christmas Design Challenge – Part 2

Team Christmas Design Challenge – Part 2

Next up is Karina with a Scandinavian inspired centrepiece based on her childhood memories.

The inspiration behind this piece is the fact I’ve got a fair amount of Scandinavian blood running through my veins with a Danish mother and a paternal Swedish grandmother.

All my growing up years was told of tales of the “Nisse” – the Christmas elves of Scandinavian lore, they are dressed in grey, with red hats and wooden clogs; they are naughty little elves but if you leave out a bowl of rice pudding for them in the barn; they will treat you well!

Needless to say, the Nisse have been a huge part of my childhood around Christmas time.  These two dolls were handmade in Sweden and were bought in Copenhagen, Denmark years ago and they are a main staple in my Christmas box.

I love nature so it was fitting to make use of the pine cones found and collected by my kids along with the odd twig as they have unique shapes to them that appealed to them; old nuts found in the dirt, etc.  The red star garland is for the stars in our lives that we see outside on a clear night sky and it’s a common theme around Christmas.

And no centerpiece is complete without a candle!  This candle is sitting in an old tuna can decorated with red glitter tape to match the decor.

This is a very simply put together centerpiece yet full of sentimentalism for myself.

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