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Taking your vision seriously

Taking your vision seriously

This past weekend I completed a project for a bride who had a vision. She knew exactly what she wanted and we made it happen. Before we met for the first time she sent me a couple of photographs of what she envisioned for her wedding. I was super excited because it included the use of one of my favorite decor items, paper lanterns. Not only did it include the lanterns but it included many, many lanterns. 

We discussed the size of the venue and how many lanterns we figured we’d need. We decided on 50. Thirty 16″ and twenty 20″. We later met at the venue and compared linen colours with what the venue was providing for the tablecloths because I was also to provide the chair covers and the table runners. The linens were a perfect match. The space was not only one of the most gorgeous tents I’d seen but it was also huge!! We decided we’d better up the lanterns to 70. 
Saturday morning the venue was already hot and sticky. The staff had the windows open and huge fans going. The constant air movement caused us some issues with hanging the lanterns because they kept sliding down the wire but we overcame the challenge with the use of some good old tape. 
The 70+ lanterns were hung; 40 or so in the dining area and the other 30 plus my 10 back up in the food and dance area. The space drew a lot of attention by the venue staff and the other services that were hired by the bride. The compliments were greatly appreciated however In the Moment can’t take all the credit. My client deserves a huge pat on the back for having such a gorgeous vision and sticking to it.

Finding the vision is easy. Sticking to it is not always so easy. When you find your vision be realistic about whether that vision is attainable or not. Visions like the one we recreated this weekend take time and money. Filling a space of that size with smaller lanterns would not have been an option. Well, I shouldn’t say that because that could actually have been a fantastic look too but we would have had to have at least 400-500 lanterns if we’d used little ones instead. And using fewer lanterns wouldn’t have completed the look either. In fact, as mentioned above, we not only used the 70 the bride ordered, we also used the 10 extra I had brought along just in case. It also took two experienced staff four and a half hours to hang all those lanterns perfectly. It’s not as easy as just climbing a ladder and tying them up there. We had to not only put them all together before we could start but we also had to come up with a plan, revisit the plan several times while we worked and then revisit it again once we were done to ensure it was perfect. Spacing had to be right. The height had to be right. The view from every angle had to be right.

As we walked out of the space I turned back to take one last look and couldn’t help but smile because I knew we had done our part in accomplishing the vision the bride had presented to me as her vision for her special day. 
If you could do your special day all over again, what would your vision be? If you are getting married soon or hope to some day get married, how do you picture that perfect day? Share your vision with us. We always love to hear what you are dreaming up.
Julia O’Grady has big vision, fresh ideas and a proven track record in the events industry. She and her team work hard to exceed client expectations and push ITM Events to achieve greater heights. A driven entrepreneur, Julia also manages the business side of ITM Events including human resources, finances, marketing and writing grant and sales proposals. In taking a high level approach to event management, Julia is able to visualize a project from inception to successful execution. She attracts valuable sponsors by offering meaningful opportunities to engage with participants. Julia uses her keen analytical mind to create incredible events that maximize the available budget. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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