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We’re so excited you’re here! Thinking about a career in event management? Already an event planner and looking for something new or a little something more? Everyone is welcome here.

We’re sure you’ve checked out our website already but here is a quick recap just in case.

We’ve been in business since 2010. We’ve planned and managed a range of events and hope to keep it that way – the same thing all day every day is boring, wouldn’t you agree? We believe that working as a team is the best way to achieve success. Most importantly we believe that work life balance is key. We work hard so that we can play hard. If you are a clock watcher and live for breaks and weekends then this is likely not the best place for you to work.

To learn more about us and me, Julia, please watch the video. If after that you still feel like this is a place you would want to work please proceed to filling out our lengthy application form. Yup, it’s lengthy. we care about who is on our team. We can teach you the skills but if your personality is not a good fit with the rest of our team then I’m sorry it just won’t work out.

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Please note that we are not hiring full-time employees. We are looking to hire people on contract only. You are welcome to have another job, your own company even. We just ask that when you sign a contract with us you are 100% committed to the project and the hours you have signed on for.

If this feels like the place for you then we hope it works out and we look forward to working with you. If this doesn’t feel like a great fit then we wish you all the best on your search for what is best for you!

Julia and the ITM Events Team

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