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How to rock a theme party

How to rock a theme party

Theme parties are among the easiest parties to throw. Not only because most party stores now carry a wide range of themed decor but also because it helps to keep the planner focused.

We were asked to plan a party this spring. The client’s choice was a 1950’s theme. The party came together smoothly with customized theme invitations, a live band, root beer floats and burgers, girls dressed in poodle skirts and staff in diner uniforms. Decorating was a bit of a challenge because the party was held in a garage…an actual mechanics garage. Our design idea included of course records but we struggled with the idea of making a garage look like it was set in the 50’s and how to make it a party atmosphere. With a huge thanks to a local theatre company we were able to rock this party with a soda pop fountain counter and a fake juke box. We topped it off with cotton ball and tissue paper milkshakes and other 50’s inspired memorabilia and props.

Themed parties keep you focused. Research your theme before you buy anything and think outside the paper decorations the party stores have to offer. The internet is a wonderful planning tool and you can find food ideas to fit your theme, cool hand made decorating ideas and so much more.
Be aware – it is too easy to spend a fortune in the party stores when an entire section is devoted to your chosen theme. You stand there looking at a wall of super cool decor items and you figure you will be able to use them all. Come up with a plan before you start so you don’t go overboard. Think out your decor, food and activities to be sure you stay focused on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, what items you really need and so you don’t go over budget. 
Here are some theme party ideas you might want to try for your next party and a company that I find has great ideas. If you don’t want to pay to ship their items in you can still browse their ideas and perhaps create some of your very own cool decor items.
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