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Famous Last Words of the DIY Bride

Famous Last Words of the DIY Bride

We might be planners, but that doesn’t always mean we are in that “capacity” at every wedding we work at, you see we offer a large range of services. In our experience in working with brides only providing them with rentals, and/or staffing and bar services, we have witnessed brides come undone and snap…unfortunately it’s usually with the spouse to be or a member of the wedding party, occasionally us. It is hard to ignore, because as planners we know all the steps and logistics to alleviate this chaos and fix it, but when we aren’t hired to do that, these moments just break our heart, but it’s nothing money can’t fix.

Our top 5 famous last words of the DIY Bride:

1) “I’m so overwhelmed, there’s too much to do” – usually the day before the wedding, as you frantically try to pull all those last minute items together involving picking up cocktail hour food, late night food so its fresh, ice so it doesn’t melt, the kegs of beer that have to be kept cold, you hit the point of frantic last minutes when there seems to be not enough hours in your day, even if you delegated out some of the jobs to friends and family.

2) “I can’t wait for this to be over” – Your schedule has been so jam packed you have had little time to take a breather and enjoy anything about this wedding process, so you look forward to the honeymoon when you can stay in bed and sleep, eat, breathe and stop running through all the lists in your head that never seemed to end.

3) “I went to bed at 5am, as I was still tying ribbons on the guest favours (or you fill in the blank)” – delegate, delegate, delegate, you don’t have to take care of every little detail. Sometimes your family and friends are the perfect people for the tedious jobs.

4) “Well who is doing that?” – again when you choose to do it all yourself, there are tasks that you may have forgotten to delegate to someone, who is filling the generator with gas, who is replacing the toilet paper in the porta potty, who is slicing and serving the wedding cake at 11pm.

5) “What do you mean I have to provide water/ice/garbage’s” – whatever it may be, when you are doing it all yourself and not at a traditional venue, remember there are so many extras to be responsible for.

Our planning services just may be the best money you ever spent, the detailed itinerary that we send out to all your vendors, the questions we ask that we know the answer to, we orchestrate and make it all seamless, so you can just enjoy your day, hair, makeup, laughing with your bridesmaids, and that gorgeous smile and eye contact you make with your spouse to be at the end of the aisle, cause you are stress free, and enjoying every minute of it.

Angela VanWingerden is a focused logistics dynamo with nearly 20 years of experience in the events industry. Since obtaining her BA of Commerce in Hospitality from the University of Guelph in 1998, she has built an impressive portfolio of weddings, corporate events and fundraisers for hundreds of satisfied clients. Angela enjoys the entire event planning process from chaos to order and back again. An avid trouble-shooter, Angela has her finger on the pulse of every event she manages. When on-site, she constantly monitors every element of the event to ensure client satisfaction. Angela works closely with staff and volunteers to ensure that they know what their duties are and she provides oversight at the event itself to ensure that all responsibilities and expectations are met. When she isn’t designing and coordinating awe-inspiring events, Angela loves spending time with her family.


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