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Advice, Hints and Words of Experience

Advice, Hints and Words of Experience

Here are some tidbits of advice from our team at ITM:

  • “Be true to who you are as a couple”
  • “Don’t feel that you need to keep within “the norm”. If you want to wear red stilettos with your wedding dress, do it! If you want to elope and have a huge party when you get back, do it! The more creative the better. You only do this once, so make it be your way…not the way “it’s supposed to be”.”
  • An article that may be of interest, “How Pinterest is Ruining Weddings.”…/how-pinterest-ruins-weddings/ summarized by one of our team “…plan what you want, spend what you can, & then enjoy every minute of what you’ve created for yourselves & your guests!”
  • “Stop, sit and think about your partner that you are marrying. Having that warm loving feeling and being with your partner is what it is all about. When the wedding day is over you want to have a smile on your face and say “I couldn’t be happier!”. You don’t want to let yourself get so stressed about having everything “perfect” that you turn into someone your partner doesn’t recognize because you are this crazed person who drops in exhaustion after the wedding and says “I am so glad this is over!” Also your wedding is about you and your partner, so it is the likes and dislikes of both of you (no matter how crazy they might be) that need to be incorporated into it, not your family or friends likes and dislikes.”
  • “Well… As for me speaking from a “had my mother’s wedding” perspective; hire a wedding planner who will work for YOU and not for who is calling the shots Having a neutral person in between will definitely help avoid (or diffuse) a lot of emotional conflicts.”
  • “Choose a good team! Your bridal party can make or break your day. Don’t just pick people because you were in their wedding party. If hiring a wedding planner isn’t something you want to do, at least spend a few hours with one to help you prep your budget and get your plans started. Also hire one for the day of to orchestrate events and ensure things go smoothly so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Cheers to you! May all your wedding dreams come true!


Analytical by nature, Julia excels at conceptualizing the vision for an event as well as managing details large and small. She is a strategic thinker who considers the lifespan impact of an event, taking great care to plan an event today so that it evolves into her clients’ vision of the event five years from now. Julia and her team also work closely with clients with long-running events to analyze the event’s strengths and challenges, and refresh the event to take it to the next level. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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