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Our Values

If we had to follow the norm and be like everyone else we would tell you that our values are:

  • Balance
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Optimism
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

Those are not just words we picked that we thought you would want to hear. Those are words that we pondered over days, had others’ input on. They all mean something to us. They spark ENTHUSIASM and OPTIMISM right down to our core. Having a list of values like everyone else helps us to feel BALANCED. And for you, it allows you see that our TEAMWORK will ensure COMMITMENT and PROFESSIONALISM to your project.

However, if we are to be to be true to ourselves, here is what we feel our values are.

These ones speak to us and guide us in everything we do and what we encourage our team to live everyday – both at work and in our personal lives.


There is always an opportunity to BE BETTER in everything we do. There is always room for improvement and we look for every opportunity to BE BETTER.  And when it comes to your event, year after year, it has to BE BETTER – better systems, better processes, better communication, better opportunities.


Although our speciality is in working on last minute events and we are running against the clock at every turn, we believe that we must always DO IT RIGHT. Take the time, slow down and DO IT RIGHT. Think through a decision. Look at all the options. DO IT RIGHT the first time and there will be no need to do work twice or have to explain why we made the decision we did. DO IT RIGHT, simple as that.


“Good enough” is a bad word in our world. It makes us cringe. If we are aiming to be better and committed to doing it right then there should never be a reason to use the words “good enough”. Sometimes we have to make a less than desirable decision based on timelines or unforeseen circumstances.  But even those decisions should be made using the best of what we have to offer or have available to us. And in the end, the result will be the BEST DECISION POSSIBLE in the current circumstance. You will never hear us say “good enough is good enough”.

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