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Yazdani $20,000 Smile Giveaway, Client Appreciation Event

Yazdani $20,000 Smile Giveaway, Client Appreciation Event

It is always such a pleasure to work with a client who has a clear vision and wants to tackle it with gumption. From the first moment Lisa, from Yazdani Family Dentistry, came to see us she knew exactly what she was after. This was a huge event for their company and the look and feel of the event had to match. She had chosen a Hollywood theme and needed our help to make their venue feel the way she envisioned it.

We settled on a colour selection of red, gold and black and then went from there. We had done work in this same venue before and faced some similar challenges with the space so we were able to quickly tackle some of the venue’s difficult features.

As with most events, this started out with only decor and quickly became a bigger project. That is one of the things I love about us and our diversity. We are far from only decorators, in fact we are planners first decorators second. Our attention to detail and our diverse team experience was a huge help to this event and we were able to provide other needed services to Lisa and the Yazdani team to ensure that her event was exactly as they hoped it would be.

Over the months that we worked with Lisa we learned a lot about Yazdani Family Dentistry. If you follow us regularly you know that I am big on being a part of the community and being a part of things that bring joy to people’s lives. Well I couldn’t be prouder to have ITM as a part of this event and to be working with the Yazdani team because they have the exact same values and goals as we do.

On the night of the event I had the opportunity to listen as the $20,000 smile was granted. Lisa gave a little talk about why she started working at Yazdani family dentistry. Dr. Yazdani talked about his goals for his company and what him and his wife envision for their lives. I have such respect for companies that not only provide a work environment that their staff love but also where the boss has visions that are selfless and focussed.

This event is not the only generous thing this company does. They have free bbqs throughout the summer, they have free dental days where you can come in for a free treatment…I know, amazing isn’t it. Who gives anything away free these days, especially dental work!

On this wonderful night they were giving away $20,000 in dental work. They wanted to give someone a new smile. I totally understand the power of a new smile. I didn’t have horrible teeth but having my teeth straightened with braces was enough to give me a confidence I had never felt before. Imagine what an entirely new smile will do for these people.

The premise behind the $20,000 smile was to get individuals who wanted a new smile to create a video and share their story, why they wanted a new smile. These videos were posted online and people voted. Then the staff went through the finalists’ videos and chose the winner. To see the face of the winner and his family when he won was so heartwarming. They showed his video. It was enough to bring you to tears. Hearing his thank you speech was such a heartwarming moment. And to see him go over and hug Lisa and Dr. Yazdani, awww…

My favourite line from the thank you speech had to be this, “We came tonight because I thought it would just be a night out for my wife and I. It’s been so long since we’ve been out. But this is incredible.”

It is such an honour to be a part of moments like these. This is exactly the reason I started ITM and the reason I continue to love what we do.

  • "[...]From the first day we sat down with their team, they were able to take my vision of our Smile Give Away Gala and bring it to life[...]Their excitement matched mine and their enthusiasm about the entire event was very intoxicating[...]I cannot express enough gratitude[...]for their professionalism, enthusiasm, organization and creativity[...]"

    – Lisa Leduc, Marketing Director, Yazdani Family Dentistry

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