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WOW – World of Women Show

WOW – World of Women Show

We were proud to be a leading force in the WOW – World of Women Show held in Kemptville. The show was an intimate and hands on style trade show focussed on women and everything they love including fashion, health, sex and much more.

The show was about everything women love – fashion, health, food and sex.

The intent of the show was to capture a full day of women and it included hands on sessions put on by our vendors, up close and personal fashion shows as well as several informative talks put on by industry experts.

Some of my personal favourite aspects of the show had to be the jewelry show put on by jewelry designer, Beth, from Panache. I loved that she was up for an interesting and unique way of showcasing her creations by using models dressed in black morph suits. I loved that it created a entire focus on the jewelry alone, no distractions with clothing.

Another favourite was having Sandy Sharkey there to display her stunning horse portraits and of course letting the women try on Oprah’s shoes that she got when Oprah was in town.

Overall I loved that our vendors took us up on our challenge to create a vendor space that was different than other shows and really focus on creating them as hands on experiences for our guests.

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