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Heritage Harvest, Client Appreciation Event

Heritage Harvest, Client Appreciation Event

A grand gesture of appreciation.

A client appreciation event is probably one of the most important events a company can put on. I loved working with Angie and Pascal from Heritage Harvest Farm because they understood the importance of this event and made sure that their clients would have the best of the best. Heritage Harvest Farm is a family run year round full diet CSA, recognized as the first and only in Ontario. For Angie it was critical that her clients get to experience exactly what they do. The event was held in a tent on their farm so that the guests could walk around the farm and see where exactly their food was coming from. And even more importantly she wanted everything on the menu to come from the farm. We hired a local caterer who prepared a menu using only the farm’s ingredients. 

Everything about the event was spectacular. Simple like the farm life but truly spectacular. The biggest compliment an event planner can receive is for your client to tell you they felt like a guest at their own event and that is exactly what Angie said when the event was done. She was truly able to enjoy the event and spend her time talking with her clients and doing what a successful business owner has to do. 

“I cannot thank you enough for the success of our Customer Appreciation Event. ITM took what we had dreamed of doing and turned it into something so much more. Every detail, including the ones we had not considered were perfect. Your staff was professional and easy to work with. Everything happened so seamlessly without the need for us to oversee anything. You enabled us to show up at our own event and interact with those attending. We felt like guests. Your discrete indications as to when we needed to move to the next thing keep everything in order and we did not need to give thought to any of it. This event has left our customers knowing exactly how important they are to us. That is something that we believe is priceless. I look forward to working with you and your team for our Spring Event”


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