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Dave Smith Wild West Jamboree

Dave Smith Wild West Jamboree

The Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre (DSYTC) is a non-profit, residential, and community-based agency that is dedicated to helping youth (13-21) and families across Ontario overcome substance abuse and related issues and to achieve a healthier lifestyle, it is the only Centre of its kind in Eastern Ontario.

As part of their efforts to build a new 30-bed youth residential treatment facility in West Ottawa they put on the Dave Smith Wild West Jamboree. We are proud to have been selected to create the decor for this very worthwhile cause.

This was the first time we had the opportunity to work at the stunning “new” Horticultural Building at Lansdowne Park. What an incredible building. It has a capacity of 530 people, it has gorgeous exposed brick walls, and floor to ceiling windows. Truly spectacular and exactly what Ottawa event planners have been looking for, an industrial feeling space.

Some of my favourite features for this event had to be the long farm style tables, the hats hanging from the chairs and who doesn’t love red gingham tablecloths. Our team did a lot of building for this event including the ranch gate entrance, the fence posts for the dance floor and the super cool silhouette cowboys for the walls.

The entire atmosphere for this event was fun. The meetings always had lots of laughs. The set up was carefree with the country music playing in the background and of course getting to work with my team all day is always a great pleasure.

Photography courtesy of Yvan Delisle Photography

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