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Chris and Sara – Thousand Islands Wedding

Can it possibly get any better than being able to spend a weekend by the water doing what you love? I think not. It is exactly weddings like this that make me so grateful for the type of work that we do. Chris and Sara were an absolute delight to work with and the location of their wedding, the Glen House Resort on the St. Lawrence in the 1000 Islands, was nothing but pure perfection.

Working in the 1000 Islands allowed me the opportunity to work with a group of vendors I have not yet had to pleasure of working with. I got to spend almost my entire day in the company of some wonderful Sara’s. Our bride Sara was one of the most relaxed and easy going brides I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Then there was Sarah Fairbairn, the makeup artist. Sarah spent the last 20 years doing film and television make up in Toronto and has recently chosen to move her business to the beautiful city of Kingston where she can focus on weddings and spending time with her family.


And all of these wonderful photographs were captured by the very talented Sarah Rouleau from Sarah Rouleau Photography. I love when I can work with photographers and make their limited photography time efficient and productive so that they can maximize their abilities and really focus on the most important photos of the day.

This was the first wedding that we’ve done where the bride and groom chose to see each other before the wedding. Well, I have to tell you, it is a brilliant idea. It changed the entire feel of the day. There was absolutely no stress. The bride and groom were able to see each other alone and have some time to take it all in without 100 of their closest friends and family watching. They had time to talk and really enjoy the moment together – which is what this really all about right!

What made this day even more special is that the wedding took place on the lawn of the groom’s family, where the groom grew up. I remember standing there talking to him that day about how stunning this space is and he told me about how grateful he is that he was able to grow up there.

One of my favourite photography moments had to be when we sent the bride and groom out on the boat. In the list of photos the couple sent they had asked to have their photo taken in a boat. Living on the water, it makes sense. Well it turns out the groom didn’t know about this photo request (or perhaps he just wasn’t listening when it came up, which is entirely possible considering he is a man). So when it came up that day he thought the idea was crazy and wasn’t going to work. Sarah (the photographer Sarah) and I walked over to check out the boat and we both knew it was the perfect boat for this type of shot. It was going to be perfect. There were no oars or anything but there was a rope so for the first few shots I held on to the rope while Sarah worked her magic. We found a paddle from something else and threw it in the boat with them so they then paddled out further to get this perfect shot. All while Sara (the cute bride) said “I used to row, I can do this, don’t worry about it Chris, it will be fine.” Heehee…they are so cute. Needless to say there were no mishaps and all was fine and well. And so worth the effort.

One of my favourite parts of any wedding is getting to know the couple. I love that the time we spend with them shows us who they really are beyond the fancy dresses and meals. Sara and Chris are not publicly affectionate people. So I think the idea of them having to kiss in front of everyone was a bit of an uncomfortable thought for them. To deter their guests from making them kiss all the time they thought they would implement an unreachable goal for their guests – 100 push ups warrants a kiss. Well guess what! Yup, they did it. Even the groom’s dad did it!

  • I wanted to send a message to say thank you for your work... at The Westin on April 22nd. The décor was flawless! Everything came together beautifully and we were completely blown away by our ballroom (and so were all the guests!). You absolutely nailed the chair sashes, and made our head table & backdrop, guestbook table, and gift tables look incredible. Your professionalism, timeliness, and attention to detail did not go unnoticed. Thank you for creating a beautiful space in which we were able celebrate! I would not hesitate to recommend your team for any event planning, coordination, or décor needs. Thanks again! Chelsea and Marc

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