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6 Gifts – $10

6 Gifts – $10
What an unexpected surprise this morning to wake up to a snow day for my girls. Usually when I work from home I prefer to have no one home because I never accomplish anything when they are here, especially all of them. But today was such an amazing day. I accomplished so much. I spent time getting work done that I had been putting off, I got all of my events caught up and I spent lots of time with Trevor and my girls doing lots of fun things.
One of my favorite things we did today was make Christmas gifts for my girls teachers and bus drivers. Usually I budget about $10 each for their gifts but this year I blew myself away when we were able to create all 6 gifts for less then $10 and I am certain they are going to love it. And to top it all off they were super easy to make and we had all six done in less than half an hour.
Stolen from Pinterest…one of my most favorite websites ever…we made super cute jars of licorice for each of them. Here’s how we made them.

We started out with 6 mason jars. We used the small ones. Only for the reason that I had those at home and didn’t have to go out and buy anything else. The small size ones were perfect because they fit a half piece of licorice perfectly. If you have any old masons jars those would look fantastic too. Ours were brand new and looked fantastic.

Cut the licorice to fit. Feel free to cut a few the wrong size so you can eat them while you are working.

Fill the jars with the licorice. We found it worked best if you layed the jar on its side while you filled it so that you could pack it as tight as possible. It is important for the look of it that you keep them standing upright in the jar.

One bag of licorice filled two of the small jars perfectly (with a couple of pieces being eaten as well).

My favorite scrapbooking store,Scraptease, was able to order in this gorgeous red and white striped string for this project. In this photo on the right my daughter braided four strands of the string together. The girls each made gift tags and we tied them to the jar.

To add a little something special we hot glued some cute little accents to each of the jars. The girls chose letters that were reflective of their recipients names. 

And ta-da, there you have it, a gorgeous and delicious gift.
Shoot, now that I am thinking about it I think we should have made some extras because I am already thinking of several people in my girls lives that we forgot. Oh well, the good news is they were super easy and we’ll be able to whip up several more in no time.
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