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Winterlude Date Night

Winterlude Date Night
Sunday night Trevor and I decided it was time for some alone time. We took off to the city to run a few errands and then headed down to the canal for a skate…without the girls. Earlier in the week we had decided that we were going to go for a family skate on the canal on Sunday afternoon but we changed our minds and decided to do it ourselves. I thought for sure after we had finished our errands that Trevor would say he didn’t really feel like to skating but he didn’t. We made our way down to the canal and it was fantastic. I am so glad we went. I did take a pretty big spill though. Caught my pick in a whole and went down flat on my belly and my boots went flying. I slid so well that Trevor jumped in front of me and yelled “Safe” while waving his arms like an umpire. It was the best date night we’d had in a long time. We skated from the Canal Ritz to Elgin Street. We took off our skates and walked down to the Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin and had a nice dinner and watched the pregame superbowl stuff. Then we walked further down Elgin and made our way back to the canal. We put our skates back on and skated back to the car. We even had a beaver tail to finish the night off just right! I wish we could have stayed out longer. I wasn’t ready to come home yet. It amazes me that after being with the same man for nineteen years we still have things to talk about.
Here is a free Winterlude Date Night for all of you, it is called Silver Blades. I’d love to know who tried it and what you thought of it. And of course I want to see pictures! Take some time to fall in love at Winterlude this year, you won’t regret it.

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