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While the Kids Are Away …

While the Kids Are Away …
While the kids are away…Mommy and Daddy will play.
On Sunday we had to drop our girls off at Potsdam basketball camp in New York so we decided that we would take advantage of that time alone and take off on a little trip.  I decided that I wanted to go South-West…didn’t care where just South-West.  So we hit the road heading South.  During our drive the first day, only about 2 hours, Trevor suggested that although it wouldn’t be South-West…more like South-East…why not head to Atlantic City.  Although I was disappointed about not sticking to my original plan and hitting land we’d not yet traveled, Atlantic City did sound pretty exciting and we’d never been there.  So the next day we got up and headed out.  We drove just under 5 hours and found ourselves in the center of Atlantic City.  It is a very fun city!  Like a mini Vegas.  But it is certainly not a going all day every day city like Vegas.  We didn’t get to take in any shows because they only run on weekends but we did get to enjoy the shopping, the boardwalk and the beach and beach bars.
We stayed in Atlantic City for two days.  We were going to head further up the coast for some seafood the next day but decided to head home. We got home Wednesday night, unloaded the car, got the laundry going and crashed early.  Yesterday we got up early and hit the golf course.  We played a quick nine holes at Nationview then headed to the city.  Trevor played hockey while I went to Costco then we went out for lunch and then went and bought new phones.  I’ll tell you, having these fancy phones is not as easy at it looks.
One really funny thing…actually two…things that happened along the way.  You know those only at Walmart emails that we all get with those photos of people wearing clothes they shouldn’t be or doing something they shouldn’t be.  No one ever believes those photos can possibly be true but we had two incidents this weekend that proved those photos are certainly true.  Neither happened at Walmart but still just as classy and had us wishing we’d had a camera on hand.  
Incident #1 – we arrived at camp to drop off the girls and saw people arriving with fridges, boxes of food and cases of water and gatorade.  We didn’t come prepared for that.  So we checked with the organizers and found out that although the girls would be getting three meals a day Monday-Thursday, on the first day they would not be getting dinner so we ran out to the grocery store to grab the girls dinner and some additional snacks for their room…oh by the way, the look on the girls’ faces when they found out they were going to be roommates was awesome, they had both been so excited to have roommates just like at university and then ended up with their own sister heehee, Trevor and I laughed alot about that…while walking through the grocery store we noticed a guy bent over looking for something on one of the shelves. As Trevor put it afterwards, “that was not just plumbers butt”.  He was not a big guy just wasn’t wearing a belt or pants that fit for that matter.  His entire butt was hanging out of his jeans when he bent over.  As soon as I noticed it I grabbed Trevor’s belt loop and gave it a small tug, letting him know that I had noticed it.  Trevor’s face didn’t change so I thought he hadn’t noticed or was being the exceptional citizen he always is and thought he might give me the usual lecture about accepting people for who they are and not everyone is as fortunate…blah, blah…lol!  Nope, he smiled just as big as I did as soon as we got past him.  As soon as we got in the next aisle Trevor turned to me and said “those pictures about Walmart are real!”
Incident #2 – we made a point of stopping at almost all the rest points along the way to stretch our legs and I have the smallest bladder in the world so I usually had to pee by then. At one of the stops, as we were walking by one of the counters we noticed a woman ordering her meal while scratching her butt.  But not just a oooo…got an itch…this was a…oh my god I think I lost something in my butt crack scratch.  The best part was this woman was older, dressed nice and not at all the type you’d expect to catch doing that.  Trevor and I are certain she didn’t even realize she was doing it.  We sure were glad she was on our side of the food counter!
Trevor is back to work today and I am struggling to get my butt out of bed to go for a run before heading back to Potsdam to pick up our girls.  We are excited to have our girls home…even though Mekayla will only be here for two days then she’s off for another two weeks.  Which means Alyssa gets spoiled for the next two weeks, all of Mommy and Daddy’s attention.  Rough life our girls live 🙂
And that ends our week of playtime for this summer.  It’s a weird feeling not having your kids around but definitely something I am ok with doing a couple times a year.  Back to chaos tonight!
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