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When You Need Our Help

When You Need Our Help
Planning your wedding day is every little girls dream. But when the time actually comes will you truly be prepared for it? Here are 5 of many reasons to hire a wedding planner to help you make your big day just as perfect as you imagined it.
1.  You may not have enough time in your schedule to do all the planning that is involved. Couples, on average, spend 250 hours planning their wedding. 
2.  A wedding planner can help you create a budget and stick to it, as well as help you stretch your dollars with money saving tips.  
3.  With their extensive knowledge a wedding planner can reduce stress and offer valuable advice. A planner can deal with issues that may crop up and avert crises during planning and, more importantly, on the day of the wedding so you can relax and enjoy your day. 
4.  You need help making your vision become a reality, and have no idea where to begin. This is where a planner can take your ideas and ensure it all happens for you and your guests, on time and as planned. 
5.   A wedding planner has experience with handling details, creating lists and itineraries, and can ensure that nothing is overlooked.
Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Julia O'Grady and I am the heart and soul behind ITM. I started this company in October 2010 to help fulfill my dream of making people's lives just a little better, one special moment at a time. I am passionate about special moments and thrive on planning events. I love everything about it. I love the organizing, the problem solving, coming up with original ideas and adding a little bit of the unexpected into everything I do.


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