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What’s Your Theme?

What’s Your Theme?
There are so many weddings these days that have a theme. Some that are truly extravagant to the unbelievably ridiculous. A wedding theme, however can be as minimal as a color scheme. Your choice of location can really set the theme for your wedding. Outdoor rustic weddings look fantastic when held in a barn in the countryside, or in a vineyard. A Robin Hood and his Maid Marrian themed wedding would suit best held deep in a forest and a John Deere wedding on the farm.
You wedding theme should help your planning decisions the rest of the way. Your choice of dress, invitations, decor and even menu can all be based around this theme. A popular theme days is “The Great Gatsby” themed wedding, where you would even have your choice of food served to reflect that of the 1920ʼs.
If a traditional wedding is more your cup of tea, this would be your theme, complete with a lovely church ceremony.
The theme for my wedding really reflected us a couple. Our choices reflected our personalities and tastes. The color scheme consisted of The Scottish Black Watch Tartan (my husbands heritage) with a touch of ruby red (just because I thought it looked pretty). For my sisters wedding they are incorporating their taste buds into the theme. The wedding will include lots of wine, coffee, and tea, with colors and decor to match.
Using an extravagant theme can be very exhausting and time consuming to be able to pull off. If you know the right people….ahem….. ITM, it can be planned much more efficiently and with less stress with the right connections.
Once you have chosen your theme and color scheme it is important to incorporate this throughout your wedding plans. Starting with the initial “save the date” cards, to the order of service, the thank-you cards, and everything in between. The consistency will really help to enhance and set the theme for your wedding day. 
It can be a challenge to envision your choices beforehand. When you are ordering linens, etc., it can be difficult to know what it will actually look like. ITM has come up with a solution and have opened a showroom. Here, you can come in and experiment with colors, decor and theme so you can really know what it will look like on the day. We have lots of items to choose from, and you are welcome to bring in a few of your ideas as well. Check out the website for location and hours.
Cheers to you and finding your theme. Come see us in the showroom, weʼd love to help 🙂
Here are some ideas we found on Pinterest for a cowboy themed wedding, a coffee themed wedding and a wine themed wedding.


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