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The Dress

Picking out my wedding dress was one of the funnest things in wedding preparation for me. Itʼs a dress for the day you get to feel and look like a princess!! Your choice can be such a personal reflection of your own style and taste. But it can also be a choice of tradition or theme. Some brides choose to wear their mother’s dress, especially if its a timeless classic, or they may choose their mother’s wedding dress and have it altered to be more updated to today’s fashion. If your wedding theme is Robin Hood, however, youʼll have to go on the hunt for something Maid Marion-esque. 
One of the things I find annoying about couples choosing strongly themed weddings is when they go all out to pick an extravagant theme but then donʼt follow through to have every part of the wedding to match their chosen theme. Itʼs all or nothing, I think. So if you are having a themed wedding, pick your dress to match.
Now an important thing to consider when going wedding dress shopping is to bring a couple people with you who you know will give you an honest opinion. Some friends can be concerned about offending you, whereas a sister will always tell you the truth about how that dress looks on you. For my own dress shopping experience, I made multiple trips bringing my sister and my mom one time, and friends the other. Also too many opinions in the dressing room can be more irritating then helpful, so be wise in your choices.
I found wedding dress shopping initially to be a horrific experience. I thought everything on the rack looks hideous! Covered in gaudy glitter and jewels often looking very tacky. I am sure I offended many staff in my visits to these bridal shops. At one place the sales lady insisted I start trying things on as the dresses looked much different on then just hanging on the rack. Once I started to try them on I could see what she meant. I still don’t know why so many dresses look so bad hung up on the racks. 
My little sister was with me when we found “The Dress.” She was the one who actually picked it out and told me to try it on. It was gorgeous, but slightly over-budget, so I didnʼt even want to try it on in case I loved it too much. But I tried it on. It was perfect and so “me,” I loved it! I received so many compliments on my dress on our wedding day. No one had seen a dress like it and they were all in agreement that it was the perfect dress for me.
Now that my little sister is getting married, I got to go with her to pick her dress. She ended up choosing the first dress she tried on at the first shop we went to. It was a dress that I had picked out, and obviously it was a good choice. The designer of the dress what the one helping out with the fitting. He said that it seemed like that dress was made for her! I canʼt wait to see her in it again on her wedding day! What luck she had, first dress, first shop! Rest assured though, she did try on a bunch of different styles before going back to the first one.
Cheers to you and your closest ones to finding you the perfect dress to make you feel like a princess!!


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