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Someone New at ITM

Someone New at ITM
Well it has been just over a month since I first stepped into In the Moment’s brand new showroom to have a meeting with Julia about In the Moment being my internship for my Event Management Program at Algonquin College. During this meeting we were both honest about this being our first experience doing any work either as the intern or with an intern. We talked about ourselves and the expectations we would have of each other. One month later, and I can honestly say that I have learned and been able to put my skills to the test during this short time. Julia has empowered me by giving me my own events to work on (under her guidance of course) and teaching me the ways she has become successful as a fabulous event planner. 
From day one Julia had me out in the community giving me the opportunity to meet suppliers and clients while teaching me proper business techniques to create partnerships and meaningful business relationships. In the past month that I have been working with Julia I have had the opportunity to do all of the following: 
– Learn budget planning and forecasting 
– Contact suppliers, request invoices 
– Make arrangements and plan on behalf of clients 
– Contact clients and communicate desires and expectations 
– Create an online registration system 
– Assist in planning and brainstorming for design, décor and everything event related 
– Complete site visits   
Along with many other tasks, Julia has completely taken me with her on her journey to becoming the go to place for all event-planning needs. I am happy to have this opportunity to work with her and looking forward to what is ahead. 
 Stay tuned for what exciting things I am up to as In The Moment’s first intern! 
For Melanie Mariutti, the magic is in the details. With her innovative ideas and her passion for putting on a flawless event, Melanie is a true up-and-comer. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on our team! Melanie forges strong connections with her clients and takes pride in crafting unique events that reflect their true personalities. Put that together with her positive attitude and her hard work habit, and Melanie is a client’s dream come true. When Melanie isn’t preparing the perfect centerpiece or working onsite at a big event, she loves settling in with a good book and a latte, enjoying the outdoors with family and friends and travelling the world in search of the perfect glass of wine.


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