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She Said Yes!

She Said Yes!
She said yes, he said yes, one of you said YES to the question almost every girl dreams of being asked since she was five. Congrats!! ……
Now what??? You want to tell the world!! Announce it to the world of Facebook and Twitter, and of course change your relationship status 😉 
But before getting it out to every social media website youʼre a member of, it is super super important to tell your nearest and dearest personally. If you donʼt see them regularly, a quick call is all it takes avoid an offended friend or relative that would of otherwise found out via the world wide web. 
Keep in mind who you want tell personally as your “social butterfly” Aunty or soon to be Mother in Law, might break the news to them first! When my husband and I got engaged it was right before a big trip to California, so we decided to just tell our immediate family and then tell everyone else, that we didnʼt see in person, when we returned in a couple of weeks. Upon our return we discovered that our engagement was old news and our “social butterflies” had been busy. So save telling your “social butterflies” and be sure to break the news yourself. 
It is so unbelievable how easily family and friends take offense in regards to all things wedding. Seriously. Unbelievable. Why canʼt everyone just be happy?? Who knows??
Soooo.. now that youʼve told everyone whoʼs anyone that needs to know (do a double check) a bit of champagne to celebrate would be the next step. Take the time to celebrate and enjoy your engagement, before rushing into plans, cause when you start planning, it doesnʼt stop until your wedding day. 
Iʼd recommend about seven years of engagement celebrating, thatʼs a good amount of time, right? Okay maybe not for everyone, but it worked out great for me 😉 
Oh I almost forgot!!! Go change your relationship status on Facebook quick!! Before people start to think youʼve changed your mind 😉
Cheers to you and the start of a really wonderful stage of life.


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