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Scarecrow Building

Scarecrow Building
Seeing as I have everyone else in town building scarecrows I thought I’d best make one too. I’ve made one before but I thought I’d do a bit of research to see what the do’s and don’ts are for scarecrow making. A few tips I picked up were to use two sticks tied together to make the body and the arms and to use burlap to make the head.
So here’s how my daughter Alyssa and I built our scarecrow that you can now see at the end of our driveway.
Here’s what we started with. This project cost me a bit more than I would have liked but as I do more and more of these fun projects I will slowly start to accumulate a small collection of the types of items I need.
Our Supplies:
3 bails of hay
a roll of burlap
2 wooden rake handles (one longer than the other)
a cowboy hat
2 corn stalks
my event toolbox


We started with the head. Not a great idea. We ended up having to redo it at the end anyway so I suggest you leave it to the end. But while I’m talking about the head, the way we made ours was to a cut a really large piece of burlap, bigger than I cut the first time, because you need enough on the ends to put an elastic around it. We stuffed the burlap with hay from one of the hay bails.

We tied together the two broom sticks to form the base for the body. Yes that’s still the first head that eventually fell apart.

I thought it would help with the legs to use a pair of nylons. So I cut the crotch out of a pair of my old ones so that I could slide the post through the legs. We stuffed the legs with hay. It turned out to be a wasted effort because we didn’t need them. In fact, I ended up using them in the arms instead but I probably didn’t need them anyway.

Trevor, my husband, let us use a pair of his coveralls. We put the sticks through the arms of the coveralls and let the body stick stay free outside the back of the coveralls. I considered butting the crotch out of the overalls but didn’t think Trevor would appreciate it. 🙂
We filled the coveralls with half of the bail of hay. We layed a big chunk in the chest then pushed hay into the arms and legs. Then we filled the ends of the arms and legs with more hay. We had also decided to use a pair of my rainboots so we filled them with hay as well to add a bit more weight to them.
See the new head we made. This one is much better. We used a lot more burlap this time which made it much easier to tie. 
We were able to pretty much stand him up at this point. Time to move him to his spot by the road.
The stick we used for the body wasn’t quite long enough to get him to stand and have the coveralls look right so we stuck the stick in the hay bail which worked out great because we could make him sit on the hay. Our awesome neighbour came over to see what we were up to and offered me a bit of advice. I had stood one of the hay bails up on its end but he suggested that I wouldn’t be able to get the stick through it that way. He suggested we flip it over on its side and the stick slid in perfectly. He sat perfectly up against the fence. We crossed his legs so it looks like he’s just hangin’ out. To finish the look we added some more hay, some corn and a few other fall props.
It was lots of fun and suggest you make your very own scarecrow. And while you are at it, why not have your scarecrow judged by the Morning Hot Tub from Hot 89.9 in the 2nd Annual North Grenville Scarecrow Contest.
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