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More Than a One Party Show

More Than a One Party Show
Itʼs Party Time! From the engagement party to the morning after brunch, so much to plan, so hard to keep track, more confusion as to who does what. Let us help.
One of the first parties you will be faced with will be your engagement party.
The Engagement Party – This can be thrown by anyone, except yourself. However, primarily it is the brideʼs family that hosts the engagement party. Often these are surprise parties, so watch your back, and try not to pry, especially if you like surprises. Engagement parties are normally held within six months of the couple getting engaged. If youʼre aware of the engagement party be mindful of who is on the guest list. It is bad etiquette to invite someone to the engagement party that would not then also be invited to the wedding. The engagement party is for the purpose of your friends and family being able to come together to congratulate and celebrate you on your engagement. Guests will often bring gifts as part of their congratulations. These parties are great when they are planned with the couples interests and even wedding theme in mind.
The Bridal Shower – From my experience there often two bridal showers, one hosted by the ladies from your family and one hosted by the ladies from your groomʼs family. This is traditionally a ladies only event, where presents are bought for the couple, silly games are played and food is enjoyed. The Bridal Shower’s main purpose is helping the couple by giving household items as gifts. It used to be that for a young person the first home outside of their parents home was their marital home, and would therefore having nothing in terms of household items when moving in together.
The Stag and Doe – This party is definitely just a party to try and raise money for the couples’ wedding costs and is organized by the couple and the wedding party. The whole community is usually invited to a local hall to celebrate the couple and have a good time, with music, food and dancing. An entry fee is normally charged to the Stag and Doe, to cover costs and give to the couple for their wedding plans.
The Bachelorette Party – A party to celebrate the brideʼs last night out as an unmarried lady organized by the Maid of Honor. This can be one night or even a weekend long celebration. A night on the town with drinking, dancing, and fun with the brideʼs friends is usually the order of the night/weekend. For my bachelorette party my friends and I stayed at a cottage and had a fun girly weekend of tanning, swimming, boating, drinking, dancing, and pampering. It was so relaxing. The activities will often vary depending on the personality of the bride and how well the Maid of Honor knows her.
The Bachelor Party – This is the male version of the bachelorette party, organized by the Best Man. Activities here often suggest strippers and a trip to Vegas, however realistically they more often include things more like paintballing, white water rafting and similar adventure activities. However, alcohol is almost always involved!
The bachelor and bachelorette parties are held in the weeks approaching the wedding. I would not recommend saving these until the night before. If you have ever seen a wedding movie, you know that it never turns out well. The night before the wedding should be reserved for yourself to do whatever you want to do. A night out with your friends and family or even a nice early night.
The Morning After Brunch – This is somewhat of a relatively new tradition that is becoming more common. For us we had a morning after brunch with our family and friends from out of town/country. As the lead up to the wedding can be so stressful and the wedding day always seems to go by so quickly, it is a great way to sit and relax with those who travelled so far to be at your wedding. This can be a formal affair held at a local restaurant or could even be a more casual back yard BBQ. This party is usually requested by the couple, but organized by a family member.
If you find your friends and family to be overwhelmed by the staggering list of parties recommend us! We have the experience and the know how to pull off all these parties so you and your loved ones can just sit back and enjoy the parties. Cheers, and enjoy the parties!


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