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More Information is Better Than Not Enough

More Information is Better Than Not Enough

Have you ever tried to put together a piece of Ikea furniture after your dog tore apart the last page of the instructions? Not easy right? Almost impossible in fact. You can get the first first pieces put together and then after that you are working by trial and error and hoping when you’re done the piece will not only look right but actually be functional.

That’s what it feels like when a client only gives us parts of the information we need to plan their event. We start by using what information we were given then as the process plays out we start to find holes and areas where the information isn’t lining up. And can’t make sense of it.

We were working on an event that we didn’t know at the time was missing a couple pretty major line items in the budget. We built our budget and event plan based on what information we were given. We weren’t told that in that budget there were about 30 free registrations and about 60 room nights, all covered by the event. That’s big dollars! The budget was headed toward a solid profit position as far as we knew and as long as they sold the registrations they were projecting we were golden. It wasn’t until a year into the planning we found out why they were all panicking about the numbers.

If we had been given the correct numbers from the start our view of the event and the budget would have been completely different. Coming in under budget is always our goal but we can’t do that if we don’t have all the facts. This is one of many instances where more information is better than not enough.

Looking at your event planning team as an extension of your committee or staff is key to success. Share information with them as you would with your colleague sitting in the cubicle beside you. Everything you know about your event before you start needs to be shared. Every detail as the event planning progresses needs to be shared. In order to best manage your project we need to know all sides of the event, the ins and outs, the ups and downs. Every thought, concern, and idea you have must be shared. We can’t help you if we don’t know what has happened in the past, what you’re hoping you’ll accomplish this time around and what crazy idea you so badly want to execute but don’t know how to.



Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Julia O'Grady and I am the heart and soul behind ITM. I started this company in October 2010 to help fulfill my dream of making people's lives just a little better, one special moment at a time. I am passionate about special moments and thrive on planning events. I love everything about it. I love the organizing, the problem solving, coming up with original ideas and adding a little bit of the unexpected into everything I do.


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