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Making Time for Family

Making Time for Family
Rachel and I have were so productive on Thursday and Friday that I am able to make some time for family this weekend. Last night we ate a dinner while playing “Sorry” then we went public skating, rented a movie and cuddled in our bed and watched the movie together…without my laptop.  The only thing missing for a perfect night was Trevor. He had to work.  Today, we went and got our hair cut then headed to Orleans for Mekayla’s basketball tournament.  Mekayla played her best game ever. We were so proud of her. And I was so happy I didn’t miss it.
We brought the girls home, got them all settled with their KD dinner and Trevor and I took off to our favorite restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately they were fully booked so we had to go across the street. I didn’t love my dinner but it was still nice to get out. We went across the street for dessert and another drink then headed home. Now we lying in bed watching Family Guy and I am talking with you.
Tomorrow is another family day. We have to leave for the city early because Alyssa has her last modelling class and Mekayla has two more basketball games. I am looking forward to the day even though I have a small amount of work I really need to get done for Monday.
I am really happy to say that during our dinner tonight Trevor and I had a great talk about my company.  He is happy and was very supportive. I was telling him that originally in my five year plan that at the end of this year (my business year, not calendar year) I was planning on quitting my other job and working full time but I have changed my mind and I think I will stay doing what I am doing for another year because I think our company will be too big to be in our home.  I think I will need to putting us into an office at the end of the year. I will need an office space with a couple offices for my planners and a storage area for all of our fun party stuff.  He likes the idea and is looking forward to getting all this stuff out of our house too 🙂  But totally understands that it will take time before I can move it to that point.
I am looking forward to moving to that point, I think it will be so exciting.
Julia O’Grady has big vision, fresh ideas and a proven track record in the events industry. She and her team work hard to exceed client expectations and push ITM Events to achieve greater heights. A driven entrepreneur, Julia also manages the business side of ITM Events including human resources, finances, marketing and writing grant and sales proposals. In taking a high level approach to event management, Julia is able to visualize a project from inception to successful execution. She attracts valuable sponsors by offering meaningful opportunities to engage with participants. Julia uses her keen analytical mind to create incredible events that maximize the available budget. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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