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Ice Roads Part 2

Ice Roads Part 2

Well, I am back in my room safe and sound.  The woman from my training session and her husband took me on a tour of Yellowknife and took on the ice road.  When I told Trevor and the girls that I was heading out on to the ice roads tonight I’m sure I could hear them laughing from here.  I am a chicken when it comes to stuff like that so seeing me out on an ice surface like that I’m sure was pretty unimaginable to them.  Well I did it!  My stomach turned a bit as soon as we drove out on to the ice.  Then we stopped in one place to get out.  It was fine, there wasn’t a lot of visible ice because there was so much blowing snow.  But then we stopped in another spot and I almost couldn’t get out of the truck.  As soon as I opened the door I looked down and let out a “Oh my god…wow…oh my god…” That’s about all I said the entire time.  Because Trevor wasn’t there I had to be a big girl and stand out there all by myself.  If he had been there I may have been climbing up on to his shoulders.  I could see several feet down.  It was so creepy.  Several feet of cold dark ice.  I guess it’s a good thing there were several feet of it but all I could think about was if I fell through and would be surrounded by those several feet of ice and not able to get out.  The kind couple who took me out there couldn’t stop laughing at me.  I think I need to go out again during the day so that I can get some more photos.  I was rushed because it was so cold but also because I felt so bad that this couple had taken time out of their night to show me around.  I would like to spend a bit more time taking photos with my “good camera”.  Anyway, I have included what I took.  If I get anything better over the next two weeks I will let you know and upload them here to.  Well, better get some sleep.  More training to do tomorrow. Good night everyone.

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