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I hope my real wedding is as nice as my pinterest wedding board

I hope my real wedding is as nice as my pinterest wedding board

Yep, you know what I am talking about, your dream wedding board is FULL of lavish, gorgeous photos.  So are our inspiration boards.

But hold up, before you get all crazy trying to source things, or driving yourself nuts with DIY-ing it, or blowing your whole budget…let’s break it down.

Unfortunately the truth is, a lot of those photos may be styled photo shoots.  What’s that?  A group of industry professionals gather together to “style” a shoot based on an inspiration by the lead designer in the group.  Now I love these shoots, yes they provide great inspiration.  And they make for stunning photos that these wedding professionals can use in their own marketing materials and submit to magazines to get you all on board with the latest trends.

But they also usually involve a lot of detail, can that detail to translated into a large scale wedding?  Maybe in an intimate one?  It’s all about perspective, and budget.



The other truth, a lot of these photos come out of the US, where wedding budgets are bigger and bolder than anywhere else and their access to styled details are also more readily available.  Yes there are pieces that are becoming easier to find, take harvest tables for example.  Be prepared for a rental cost and delivery charge that is not comparable to regular tables.

Have you tried sourcing 250 pieces of multi coloured glassware yet….

So my advice:  Use Pinterest inspiration, as that, inspiration, the colours, textures, aesthetics. How does that translate to your wedding:  location, time of year, number of people invited, time you have to make it happen, or the budget you have to pay someone else to make it happen.

Take a new spin on a trend, make it unique and customized to you and what you see for your day.  Transform that Pinterest picture into something that is uniquely yours.

When you are out shopping, pick out a few pretty pieces that can be accented on your signing table, or dessert buffet that reflect that inspiration.

I love this photo! But what if it rains? Hard to plan for that and fix it last minute...

Keep your budget in mind, and how much time you have to make something happen that is achievable and that you love.  You can not be hand tying fresh greenery garlands with fresh florals for all 8 guest tables the day of your wedding when you are to be having hair, makeup, and a relaxing glass of bubbly with your girls 🙂

Remember your wedding will be beautiful no matter what, because a wedding is about the love, the love you have for each other and those of friends and family sharing it with you.  They will remember that in your pictures, the love and adoration in your eyes, not what type of chair they sat on, or if there were roses in the centerpieces?

Have fun!  And be realistic.

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Angela VanWingerden is a focused logistics dynamo with nearly 20 years of experience in the events industry. Since obtaining her BA of Commerce in Hospitality from the University of Guelph in 1998, she has built an impressive portfolio of weddings, corporate events and fundraisers for hundreds of satisfied clients. Angela enjoys the entire event planning process from chaos to order and back again. An avid trouble-shooter, Angela has her finger on the pulse of every event she manages. When on-site, she constantly monitors every element of the event to ensure client satisfaction. Angela works closely with staff and volunteers to ensure that they know what their duties are and she provides oversight at the event itself to ensure that all responsibilities and expectations are met. When she isn’t designing and coordinating awe-inspiring events, Angela loves spending time with her family.


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