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How Superstitious Are You?

How Superstitious Are You?
Would you consider 2013 an unlucky year to be married? 


I heard recently that vendors are reporting that their business levels are down this year compared to other years and that a likely cause is that engaged couples feel that 2013 is an unlucky year to be married.  
Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, a supersition that some take seriously and others disregard, just as real as aracnaphobia(the fear of spiders) and nyctaphobia(fear of the dark).    
Although I have known many couples to be married on a Friday the 13, it is interesting to think that superstition could play a part in your wedding plans.    Some see 13 as lucky and some as unlucky , consider all the places were a number 13 is absent – no house number 13 on a block, no 13 floor  in a building, yet sports stars seek out the number 13 for their jersey as a lucky number.   
So will vendors look forward to a booming 2014? 
I believe everything is what you make of it, this year is sure to be lucky for some, and maybe not for others, but certainly that is no different than any other year.


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