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Even Celebrities Do It Small

Even Celebrities Do It Small

I often don’t buy magazines and I never follow celebrity shenanigans (honestly I don’t even know most celebrities’ names and probably couldn’t identify them in a line up) but while on our trip this winter I picked up the People Wedding magazine in the airport to entertain me on the next flight. I read the magazine cover to cover and jotted down pages and pages of notes in my ideas book I carry around with me all the time. I thought for sure the magazine was going to be full of outrageous ideas that the average person could only ever dream of but I found a ton of amazing ideas that I am going to use this summer and next with our real life clients.

One of the things I found the most amazing was to see two celebrities who actually had elopement style weddings, small intimate affairs. What we are seeing here at ITM is that people are finally starting to see the pleasure in keeping weddings small and intimate. There was the day that it was “necessary” to invite everyone you knew and then some. We’ve discussed this on our blog before and on our Facebook page. People have lost sight of the true meaning of a wedding, or more specifically marriage, and get caught up in the dress and all the pretty stuff. They start their life off together in debt for a one day party. That’s no way to do it.

Well as you’ll see, even the celebrities with millions of dollars are toning it down and making it about the marriage and less about the show.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were married in Hawaii on the beach, just them and Brian’s son. After they were married they texted their parents and told them they were married.

Another one that I loved was Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs’ wedding. Their wedding was complete with just the two of them, a bonfire on the beach and sipping champagne.

If people want to follow celebrity trends this would be a great one I would support.


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