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Let me begin by apologizing for being a little behind in my blogging in the past couple of weeks. This time has been spent refocusing and trying to figure out where I’m headed both professionally and personally. I have had some great visions and am ready to roll ahead but that’s not what we’re talking about tonight. Tonight I want to tell you about some “courses” I’ve been taking.
On Tuesday night I attended an event planning session in Cornwall about how to stage an event. This session’s focus was mainly on festivals. It was so incredibly inspiring! I came out of the two hour session with a pounding headache and a million ideas. The best thing I came out of there with was the thought that I am on track. Like I’ve said about Donald Trump, I think very similarly and it is really great to hear that I might not be crazy afterall. While the presenter, Jan, was talking about some of the festivals she’s worked on or provided guidance to I was able to fill in some of the blanks while she was talking. She was telling us a story about how she got asked to meet with a town that wanted to put on a festival but were stuck for an idea. She suggested all kinds of things to them but they kept saying that they can’t do and can’t do that. She finally asked, why can’t you? The answer was they had black flies. They couldn’t do anything outdoors because of the black flies. Before she could tell us what she finally recommended I had already thought it, have a black fly festival! And that was exactly what she recommended. When you can’t beat them, join them!  She also talked about another idea that sent shivers down my spine. The funny thing is I can’t tell you because I am keeping this one in my back pocket for the Kemptville Apprentice. After the three groups have announced their ideas remind me and I’ll tell you what the idea was that she told us about that has me so excited. It is so crazy that I have to try it. Whether I will use it at the Apprentice or at another event I am determined to some day use it. She also told us some incredible stories about how a festival she started had grown to take over the entire town and requires them to have people park outside of town now and how one morning, only hours before the gates were to open they had a micro burst and lost every tent and sign on the property along with almost losing their lives. She also had an even sadder story of when a little girl died at one of her festivals. I sat through her entire session wide eyed and open mouthed, just like a little kid. I’m not sure if I even blinked during the session. Thank god Rachel was with me so we could talk about everything on the way home otherwise I think my head may have exploded on the 401.
Tonight I attended a packed event right here in our very own community of Kemptville. The event is put on by the municipality and it is a series of events for businesses. Tonight they talked about marketing and Facebook. I learned alot of valuable information tonight and you should start to see some changes on our website, our facebook page and there will be many changes behind the scenes that you may not actually see but that will make some huge differences for us. The most interesting thing I heard tonight was about giving deals and having sales. That is going to stop. The speaker was absolutely right and it only took one slide of evidence about how that doesn’t help your business to convince me. Don’t freak out, you will still be rewarded for being a loyal In the Moment client, but it will come in other ways…better ways. The best thing I learned about Facebook tonight I think has to be some ideas about how to get more “likes” on your page. In fact, I will launch one of those ideas before I close my tired eyes tonight.
Tonight before heading out to the session I also registered myself for a 90 marketing boot camp. I am so excited. I am going to spend the next 90 days rethinking, planning and making the most of my company.
All of this education to help me make my dream a SUCCESSFUL reality!
Julia O’Grady has big vision, fresh ideas and a proven track record in the events industry. She and her team work hard to exceed client expectations and push ITM Events to achieve greater heights. A driven entrepreneur, Julia also manages the business side of ITM Events including human resources, finances, marketing and writing grant and sales proposals. In taking a high level approach to event management, Julia is able to visualize a project from inception to successful execution. She attracts valuable sponsors by offering meaningful opportunities to engage with participants. Julia uses her keen analytical mind to create incredible events that maximize the available budget. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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