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Easy Party Kits

Easy Party Kits
This week I posted the third of our easy party kits, 70’s Disco Dance Party.  I am so excited by these kits, they are a dream come true for busy parents or parents who lack in the creativity department.
Before creating them I did a lot of research on what is currently available in the party world for kids parties.  Places like Party Packagers, Cody Party Center provide themed party sections, they have everything you need, the tableware, the invitations, the decorations…so you pick all that up then what?  You get home you send out the invitations, you set the table and you decorate, everything looks great.  Everyone arrives then what, kids run around your house for two hours causing chaos, they stop for cake and presents then cause more chaos until their parents arrive.  Being a bit of a control freak…lol…I can’t handle parties like that.  I can’t handle them in my house and I can’t handle attending parties like that, including adult parties.  I like things to be structured.
There are a million party ideas on-line too. Lots of amazing games and activities but with those great ideas comes a long shopping list and the party that was supposed be simple and inexpensive has suddenly turned into a three hour shopping expedition around the city trying to find the last two things on your list, faux fur and 4 orange pylons.  I hate wasting time, my time is worth so much.  I am all about convenience. I like to shop in stores where I can get everything in one place.
Easy Party Kits combine the best of everything I’ve found and send them to you in a box at a cost of per child that is attending.  Our kits include not only the themed tableware, decorations and invitations but also the activities and instructions on how the activities work.  We have tried to provide you with everything you could possibly need to have a successful party.  We have sometimes left out common household items such as cotton balls or a large plastic bowl.  There is no sense in charging you for everyday items you’ll have handy.
The only thing our kits don’t include is food and we have done that for two reasons, the first being hot dogs don’t travel well in a box and probably wouldn’t be edible by the time party day rolled around and secondly because of allergies.  We have not included candy for the loot bags either, if you want to add candy you’ll have to add that yourself.
Oh ya!!  That brings me to my favorite part…our loot bags!  We have tried really hard to create practical loot bags filled with practical but fun loot. As a mom I hate having my kids come home with a bag full of items that I am going to find on the floor and end up throwing out by the end of the day.  I would rather the kids not bring anything home.  Well, the In the Moment loot bags and contents will be around for at least weeks to come, I’m sure of it.
I am struggling with one thing about our Easy Party Kits, how much information do I need to give you on our website in order to entice you to buy them. I am cautious about how much detail I am providing because I am afraid of sharing our trade secrets but at the same time I want to make sure that you are confident that you are purchasing a product you are going to be happy with.  I’d love to hear what you have to say about that, let me know how much detail you require to purchase an Easy Party Kit from our website.  Do you need to see pictures of everything in the kit, do you want a detailed list of the activities or are you comfortable with the descriptions we are currently providing?
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