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Date or Venue?

Date or Venue?
The date of all dates, or the venue of all venues? 
The first big step in officially planning your wedding is choosing the date. Some couples like to choose a date that is already meaningful for them, such as the day they met, or New Yearʼs Eve, etc. However if your choice of venue trumps the date then your date will be when that venue is available. 
When my husband and I decided to set a date, the date trumped the venue. Our chosen day was the Saturday between our birthdays. We thought this would be great as we could have future holidays that celebrated both our birthdays and anniversary. With eight months to plan our wedding we thought we were doing well and had plenty of time!! We had just moved here from London, UK, and there was a lot going on all at once. 
We quickly found that no longer was it possible to have a range of options when planning your wedding in (only) eight months. Many venues we talked to had informed us that our date had been booked the year before. Really?? A whole year. Surely, thatʼs unnecessary!! It is unnecessary unless your date trumps venue. If your date and venue are of equal importance Iʼd recommend at least two. 
We did find a venue, with four months to spare…eeek, and it was an absolutely stunning one! Having a couple venues in mind with a flexible date is the most ideal way to go. This leads to the least stress and disappointment. FYI … Sundays and Fridays are often available if your ideal Saturday is booked. They also usually come with a cheaper booking fee too. 
Fresh from the U.K., I had to do a lot of research to find our venue in the Eastern Ontario region, as I had been away for so long, and didnʼt know what was out there anymore. 
We, at ITM, can recommend and help you find your ideal date and venue for your wedding. 
Be sure to be very clear on pricing at your venue. Some charge a per person flat rate, all in. Some charge a hall rental fee, plus extras, plus bringing in your own caterer (which is something else to note when choosing a venue and date, and maybe you have a caterer in mind for your wedding that trumps venue and date!!) 
Our venue charged a rental fee plus a per person rate for the food. There were many optional extras as well. Do remember that your choice of venue should reflect your budget. So donʼt go and book The Chateau Laurier if you have a wedding budget of $5000, your booking fee alone could be 100% of the budget! 
In my next blog we discuss how your wedding bill will be paid, and how your choice of venue and all your wedding decisions should reflect your budget. Cheers to you and choosing if your date trumps your venue!


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