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Costume Order

Costume Order
Well it’s official…I have submitted our first Halloween costume order. I’m so excited! We’ll see after spending more than two full days picking and sorting through costumes and accessories how many of them are actually available. I didn’t realize that I should be placing Halloween orders in January so I may not be able to get most of what I want but I am hoping that because I’ve chosen some not so ordinary costumes that maybe they will be available.  See below for some samples of what I’ve picked. 
Oh by the way, I stopped into Party Packagers this afternoon to grab a few things I was missing for our 70’s Disco Dance Party Easy Party Kit and checked out their costumes and of course did a bit of price comparison…they only carry a couple of the costumes I am hoping to carry which is great news and the even better news is that the two costumes I price checked I beat their prices by several dollars.
What I am really hoping to be able to do is package up the costumes with all the related accessories too. What you don’t often realize when you’re buying a costume is that not all the accessories, or sometimes even some of the main items, come with the costume.  For example, you may buy a pirate costume for $59.99 then realize it doesn’t come with a hat so then you have to spend another $19.99 to buy the pirate hat that matches…learned that lesson the hard way.  I spent a ton of time going through each costume on my list making sure that I ordered every accessory the costume required so that when I sell you the costume it is going to include everything you need.  One price…no surprises or disappointments.
What do you want to be for Halloween this year?  What do your kids want to be?  Have you been invited to a theme party, what’s the theme?  I’d love to hear so I can make sure I am bringing in exactly what you want and need.
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