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Choosing Your Wedding Party

Choosing Your Wedding Party
Now that you have your budget sorted..( you始ve done it already, haven始t you? 馃槈 ) .. many of your decisions now will be based on what your budget is for them. If your budget is small a smaller wedding party would be better suited to your wedding… ie., you don始t want more people standing up with you then sitting.
Choosing your wedding party should not be taken lightly. I had a very difficult time choosing mine, and things did not go over well when my choices had been made. I have three sisters, four bff始s, and a couple of other really close friends. Two sisters have a toddler each, three of my bff始s didn始t really know my husband to be at the time. Two of the three bff始s that didn始t know my husband very well, I had been friends with since high school. How could I choose who was to be my MoH? I had learned afterwards that I had apparently made a mutual promise to one of my high school bff始s to be each other始s MoH. I was her始s so therefore she was to be mine??? This is not a rule when choosing your MoH. You need to go with what will work best for you, your husband and your wedding plans. This bff from high school had a very busy life with three young children, being my MoH was not something I wanted to add to her to do list. In my head I was doing her a favour, and chose her to be one of my Bridesmaids. She ended up being super offended by almost every decision I made, from what dresses to wear to not having children at our reception, it was a very messy situation.聽
My two sisters with toddlers both live out of province and I thought it would be impractical to ask them to be in the wedding party. I asked them if their sons’ would be our ring bearers. My one sister was thrilled to be off the hook for wedding duties and my other sister was quite offended, but went out of her way through the whole wedding planning process to help me out. My other bff from high school and my kidless sister were thrilled to be a part of our day. My other two bff始s both live out of country. One was going to be having her firstborn near our wedding date and was unable to attend, and my other bff was from the UK, where my husband and I first met. She was there from the first baby steps of our relationship and an ideal candidate to be my MoH. My kidless sister bent over backwards for my wedding assisting the MoH where ever possible:)聽
If I could turn back time I would of chosen to not have my high school bff who made every decision difficult, and would of had my sister who was so helpful even though she had a little one and lived so far away. My husband had the most chilled out wedding party. I think sometimes us girls could learn a thing or two from the groomsmen.
I cannot stress enough how important these decisions are, the wedding party plays a huge role in the smooth running and planning of your wedding. I hope you have a great wedding party in mind for your big day as these are some of the things they should be prepared to do:
Your MoH plans your bachelorette party, she knows you best and should have a great night/weekend planned for you. Your MoH will most likely be your sounding board for all your wedding planning ideas, and will organize the bridesmaids assisting in any preparation plans. She is also your right hand women on the day. She should be there from start to finish helping you get ready, get your nerves together, holding your bouquet (during parts of the ceremony and when needed during pictures) laying out your train when its out of place, helping you go to the bathroom, make-up touch -ups, the list goes on… She will also be doing the MoH speech.聽
Your bridesmaids should be ready to assist in bachelorette plans when requested from the MoH, as well as helping with wedding preparation such as wedding invitations, favours and centrepieces. On the day they should be ready to assist where needed. I had one of my bridesmaids help the photographer with family photos as she knew the whole family. If you have quite a few bridesmaids I would recommend nominating a Chief Bridesmaid to make sure that they are all helping out and supporting the MoH and Bride through the whole planning process to the wedding day. I have seen many bridesmaids with the idea that all they have to do is show up and look good for pics, important, but as we始ve discussed there始s so much more!聽
Your grooms Best Man will be the one planning his Bachelor party. He is also the one to be in charge of the wedding rings, and paying the vendors their fees on the day (unless of course you’ve hired us to manage your day then we will handle that for you). He will also be the groom’s right hand man on the day assisting him when needed. The groomsmen often double as ushers to welcome and seat guests as they arrive. They should be knowledgeable of the families to ensure they are seated correctly if there is reserved seating for the family. We also had one of the groomsmen assist the photographer in getting the right people ready for pictures, and another groomsmen as a go to person for our wedding coordinator.聽
There始s lots of drama that I have omitted from this post, I could go on… and many duties that are important for the wedding party that I may have missed.聽
Please let us know some things that you think are important for the wedding party to be responsible for.
Cheers to you and picking the right Bridal Party!!



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