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Celebrating My Girls’ Birthdays

Celebrating My Girls’ Birthdays
Over the last few years I have put a real effort into our girls’ birthday parties. I got tired of having a house full of kids running around hyped up on sugar with no real focus. For my youngest daughter’s special birthday (turning 8 on the 8th) we threw a full out carnival. We rented a blow up slide that was 25 feet high, a 50 foot long blow up obstacle course, three magic mirrors, a frog game, and unlimited cotton candy. It was fantastic!  If you are ever looking for carnival rentals I highly recommend using Circus Delights. We are using them again for our Magic of New Year’s event.
Less than a year after that my oldest daughter also celebrated her special birthday (12 on the 12th) and she chose a Survivor themed party. We had so much fun planning it. Her birthday is in the winter so it was actually a winter survivor party. We had them rolling fire hose (daddy’s a firefighter), melting ice in their hands to get to the gummy worm that was frozen inside, they had to find a marshmellow in whipped cream with their hands behind their backs and they even had to put their bare feet in ice cold water that had been outside all day. For dinner we had ordered one of those super long sandwiches from Subway.  It was great, check out the photos.
This year my oldest daughter is celebrating yet another special birthday. She is turning 13! Yup, I will soon be the mother of a teenager…unbelievable. This year she has chosen a weekend at Mont Tremblant with a couple of her friends. We are not skiing though. Oh no, way better. Have you ever done the tubing just outside Tremblant?  If you haven’t you should. It is awesome. So we have rented a gorgeous little condojust outside the village (going to Tremblant this winter, rent from this couple, the least expensive rental I have found), then we are going tubing then driving up to Saint Sauveur for a day of outlet shopping. We had her invitations designed by our designer, they are gorgeous. Check them out. On the back is all the details…date, time, and what to bring.  BTW…this is the same designer we use for any handmade items we need for our events.
I’d love to know what special things you do for your children’s birthdays.  Do you go all out? Do you have a few friends over? Do you do family parties instead?
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