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Bride or Groom’s Responsibility?

Bride or Groom’s Responsibility?
Time to Panic and Freak Out!! Yes, you are allowed. Everyone is asking you “whenʼs the big day?” and making comments, “itʼs about time!” or “are you sure youʼre ready? youʼre so young!” or both. 


Now, before you start second guessing yourself due to all these extensive comments, donʼt worry, many engaged couples get ask these questions, its only because people love you….. or so they say… But seriously you are allowed to freak out a bit…. Itʼs a big deal… But, there are always people that are there to help you. Thatʼs what your bridal party is for. But if you truly want a seamless wedding, a wedding planner is the way to go. Lucky for me, I am trained in event management, and planned my own wedding (although I still would of loved to of had a wedding planner, it’s quite the challenge to work full-time and plan a wedding). Lucky for my sister, who is getting married July 2014, I am her Maid of Honor! 

However if you donʼt have a friend or family member who is a trained wedding planner, the wonderful team at ITM has everything you need to have the wedding of your dreams. Even if you do have a friend or family member who can coordinate your wedding, you may want to keep your inner bridezilla from them 😉
So thatʼs where we come in, from planning your wedding from start to finish or just being there on the wedding day to ensure things run smoothly, ITM can work with you and your budget to suit you and your wedding planning needs, no matter how big or small, weʼre flexible and really good at helping you tame the inner bridezilla.
Traditionally speaking it is the brideʼs family that hosts and plans the wedding including paying for almost everything and the groomʼs family is responsible for the rehearsal dinner and contributing to the wedding cars and the honeymoon. 
The Brideʼs family is also expected to host any engagement parties and bridal showers. (We at ITM are great at planning these as well, more on parties and showers to come:) 
Much of the planning and decision making responsibilities fall onto whoever is footing the bill (more on that in an upcoming blog titled “ Money, money, money”), but ultimately it seems it’s the bride that takes this on. 
The contributions of the groom vary greatly depending on the brideʼs choice in grooms. When I was planning my wedding, my fiance had an opinion about every decision. Many friends I shared this with envied my situation, and wished that their husband would have had the same enthusiasm. But the times when there were decisions we really disagreed on, for example which song I was going to walk down the aisle to, (the bride should really be happy with the choice on the aisle song, by the way!)…… those were the times when I wished he would of just left me to do all the planning. 
When it all came together our wedding was really “our” wedding. It was great that he was so involved in all the planning, and all our guests could really see that. In the end, I won the debate on the aisle song, and got to walk down the aisle to Metallica. Bliss!
Cheers to you and all the fun wedding planning can be!


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