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Bridal Show Tips

Bridal Show Tips
‘Tis the season of bridal shows, if you are engaged or are preparing for that big day, bridal shows are the spot to be. Women of all ages and types attend these events, looking for the perfect pieces to fit into their wedding day. With so many booths, pretty colors, free giveaways and not to mention the cake tasting why shouldn’t a wedding show be a great event to attend?
Some people get overwhelmed by the amount of selection at a bridal show and others don’t take the time to shop around and get sucked into that not a deal discount. Our tips to help you plan and prepare for attending a wedding show, from what to wear to things to bring will have you wedding show ready!
Some bridal shows will give you a bride sticker upon entry to wear, it gives the vendors an idea of who to approach and who the decision maker is. If you don’t like being approached try giving it to a friend to wear, they will love the attention and they can fill you in on any extra special deals they get offered.
Make sure to bring a reusable shopping bag to put any magazines and pamphlets you collect into. Bring a pen, a notebook, datebook, cheque book and a credit card.
Wear comfy shoes and leave your coat in the car, many wedding shows do not offer coat check.
Bring along a side kick, your mother, mother-in-law or a bridesmaid you could even invite your fiancé he would probably enjoy helping you collect pamphlets and making decisions and if you really need to convince him just tell him that there are tons of giveaways and free cake! On that note most bridal shows don’t serve any food or drinks other then a taste tester here and there, so make sure to eat before the show and bring along a beverage.
Try to print off some labels with your name, your phone number and an email address. Consider making a separate email address for all your wedding inquires, that way you won’t be receiving wedding updates 3 years later.  You will have to write down contact info at any booths you are interested in or any giveaways you sign up for, sticking a sticker is much easier!
The best place to keep track of vendors you have visited is on the site map, this is the map that shows you where all the vendors are located. Number your pamphlets to match the booths or any other way to remember who you talked to and who was offering special discounts, that way when you want to call them, the number is easier to find.
If you plan on attending the fashion show part of the event make sure to arrive a half hour to an hour early depending on the size of the show. There is usually no assigned seating, so first come first served.
If you are not interested in seeing the fashion show then take that time to consult with suppliers and vendors, it will be a lot quieter and you can have their full attention.
Most shows charge a nominal fee to enter but keep an eye open for those pre-registrations they usually come with gifts and guarantee your entry.
For those thrifty brides, bridal shows can be a great spot to pick up an amazing dress for a great price. Just like all other clothing lines, bridal styles change so old stock get discounted and usually stuffed in a corner with a curtain dressing room. If you have shopped around and know what you are looking for then finding a discounted dress at a wedding show is definitely worth a look. 
Remember, enjoy yourself, this life is about making special memories and living in the moment, embrace this time and try not to let the stress of it all overwhelm you.
Congratulations on your wedding and good luck bridal shopping!!!!!!
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