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Getting your dress is a must do before looking for any of your accessories. Now if you splurged on your dress this is an area where you can save some money and still look like you spent a fortune on your accessories. There are so many posts on Pinterest on how to make you own veils, head pieces and jewelry that can really save you a bundle. A great bridesmaid gift suggestion is to give your wedding party their jewelry, and how much more meaningful if its something you have created yourself? Now donʼt kid yourself here, if you are not into DIY or are interested but never had the chance until now, donʼt go rushing into making your own veil as your first DIY piece. But you never know, you could be a natural. Get your wedding party to approve. You donʼt want to look like you are wearing something your niece made in grade 1 art class.
If you are buying your accessories, donʼt limit yourself to just bridal shops to find what you are looking for. I bought my jewelry from Le Chateau, my veil from Michaels and only my clutch (on sale) was bought from a bridal shop.
You hair and make-up should always be done by a professional for your big day. They know exactly how to do you up so you look great in person as well as in all those pictures that will be taken of you all day long. Another “you should always” is do a trial run for hair and make-up. When you do your trial run for you hair be sure to bring along your headpiece or the clips you might be using on the day. One last “you should always” is to have your make-up appointment before your hair appointment. That way you can tie your hair back and be sure not to get any wisps of hair in your face as your make-up is being put on. This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is much better than going to the make- up artist with your hair all done up getting in the way while she is trying to put foundation on, blending it into your hairline while trying to prevent any make-up lines.
A definite “you should never” is trying a new make-up line prior to your big day. You never know what you could be allergic to. Iʼve been told that it takes three weeks of wear to really prove whether or not you are allergic to a make-up line.
So get out there, sample some make-up lines and buy what you like and use it for a while way in advance of your big day.
Many Pinterest posts have theories on how you should wear your hair based on what neckline dress you have. Feel free to use these as a guide, but I suggest you do whatever you want with your hair keeping in mind a few things:
The weather – is it going to be hot? do you want long hair on your neck and back all day, or is it going to be cold, maybe hair down would be better suited for a cold day.
Your hair length – long hair can be heavy and put a strain on your neck if its in a tight bun all day. If you have shorter hair and always wanted long flowing tresses for your big day then get yourself some hair extensions. Another “you should never” is skimp on hair extensions, they can very easily look terribly fake. Be sure to go to your hair salon for these. 
It is always fun for the bridal party to get ready together and having hair and make-up appointments booked with your bridal party is a really fun way to get the day started.
So to summarize always get your hair and make-up done by a professional, always do a trail run and always get your make-up done before your hair. Never try new make-up close to your big day and and never skimp on hair extensions. 
Oh and BTW accessories and grooming for the groom and his party is totally something that they do and organize on their own, so leave the men to it.
Cheers and have fun with your bridal party getting ready! 


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