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Back to School Party

Back to School Party

We are only days away from our munchkins being back to school.  In our household our girls are looking forward to getting back to school to get a break. We keep our girls very busy all summer with only a few days here and there to rest.

With just a few days left why not have a little Back to School celebration.  Not only for the kids but for you, the parents, too.  Call together your friends and your children’s friends and allow the kids to celebrate the last days of summer together. It doesn’t have to be difficult, a simple bbq with some fun outdoor activities is all that’s required.
A back to school party could be especially helpful for those of you with young children who are going to school for the very first time. If you know any of the kids that are going to be in his/her class, inviting them over a fun play time would be really helpful to them on the first day of school.  They will have some familiar faces to help them feel more comfortable.
A couple of really fun activities I would recommend are playing a game of “What I did on my summer vacation” charades or how about a School Supply Treasure Hunt.  For the treasure hunt go to the dollar store and find some really cute little notebooks, funky pencils and crazy erasers. Hide them all over your yard and send the kids out on the hunt.
For a sweet treat why not make these adorable cupcakes.
I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed Summer 2011 like we have.  Now that all those summer memories have been made be sure to capture those memories in a scrapbook of some kind so that you don’t forget one special minute.  Don’t know how to get started why not contactScraptease, your mobile scrapbooking store. Shop right on your very own front step.
Happy back to school!
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