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Allow Yourself to Think Like a Child

Allow Yourself to Think Like a Child
Never underestimate what a child has to say. Tonight I was working with a bride on her linen rentals for her wedding. We came up with a gorgeous colour scheme that is going to be so classy. Once we settled on the colours we started to talk about her centerpieces. The plan for their colours had changed from her original plan so it seemed natural to possibly rethink the centerpieces. We added a mirror, a black cloth underneath, talked about adding fish, rocks and maybe changing the vases she already had to a large bowl instead. We came up with a couple of ideas that could possibly work. 
After she left, my youngest daughter Alyssa-Dawn came downstairs and said “Mommy, I was thinking because the wedding colours are red, black and white why don’t you do a japanese theme?” She proceeded to talk about using a long basket instead of vase and using funky shaped flowers, kind of a lily shape but in red. My initial reaction was just to humour her and say “oh yes that would look nice” but the more I got thinking about it the more I thought she was right and I realized that because I was dealing with a “country” bride I was limiting my thinking. Although the bride does want something different I did find I was maybe not as creative as I could have been. I started to do a bit of research using the words “japanese” in my seaches and I found some gorgeous inspiration. Change up the colours and I think so many of these could work perfectly. I sent them to the bride, I think she’ll love them. I think her fiance is going to hate me because every time she comes to see me her wedding changes 🙂
These are just a few of my favorites. I ended up sending the bride the link because there were just too many that I loved to send a photo of each.
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