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All The Little Things

All The Little Things
Now if you have hired a wedding planner, especially one from ITM, most of the little things would have been taken care of already. If not then read on.
Your wedding rehearsal will be organized by the bride and groom as well as the officiant. Here there is a lot to do in terms of timing and who is standing, sitting, walking, where and when. The officiant will help you organize this, but do to the amount of people involved it doesn始t hurt to have someone else that is not in the wedding party to come and help as well. The officiant will also help organize the flow of the ceremony and will want to know about any musicians and speakers you may have chosen. The ceremony itinerary is important to put in your Order of Service, which will also include an introduction to the wedding party, and any verses that might be read.
You will also have to consider how the day will actually run. Who is doing what? Where will they be sleeping, standing, going and when? What is happening where with who? Lots of little questions that need answers for your day to run smoothly.
The best way to get through this is to have an itinerary for the day starting with your wake- up time. When putting this together here are a few things to consider: breakfast – who, where, when, how? getting ready – who, where,when, how? transportation – who, where, when, how? From the time you wake-up until the time the ceremony starts there is lots to do and lots of people involved to try to be as organized as possible and include the contact information for everyone involved. Post-ceremony and pre-reception is the time when most couples do their photography shoot. All the who, where, when, and how始s should be organized ahead of time with you and your photographer. Make sure everyone is aware of where they are supposed to be when and their mode of transportation.
Other items not to be missed during this time includes the transportation of anything from the ceremony site to the reception site, such as the flowers from the ceremony to complete your decor at the reception, your guest book, card box, gifts etc., Depending on the agreement with your ceremony site you may have to ensure that the place is totally clean and undecorated before you leave. Remember these are not things you would do personally but make sure it is being taken care of ahead of time. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that the person in charge of it gets it done.
Once your pictures are done and you are seated at your reception it is finally time to relax and enjoy the rest of the night. The reception however comes with a lot of little things to organize well ahead of time. This includes your decor, the seating arrangement, speeches, etc., Jessica at ITM is one of our designers and would be thrilled to work with you and your design ideas to make your ceremony and reception venues look stunning! ITM can also do all of the set-up and tear down for you making your day a breeze 馃檪
The seating arrangement can come with many headaches. Bringing families together doesn始t always bring out the best in everyone. Not everyone gets along and it can be a big challenge to seat everyone where they would be happy. My husband and I decided to only assign tables and not seats, which worked out great! Other couples I know had the head table and the immediate family tables reserved and the rest was a free for all. Which also worked out great. So if making a seating arrangement is a stress for you then don始t feel obligated to do one, its your day after all.聽
Many weddings are full of great speeches. My dad始s was pretty epic, he started off up at the mic with his suit jacket on backwards, wearing klompen giving us a comedy speech, then when it turned sentimental it was even better cause you were watching a man give a serious speech with his suit jacket on backwards wearing klompen! There are also many weddings full of awful speeches. If you want to avoid these I recommend never having an open mic for anyone to come up to talk….. the night really drags on!!聽
When asking people to do a speech consider different traditions that might be in your family and in your new family. My husband is British and it is not customary for the Maid of Honour to give a speech in England, however, as I am Canadian getting married in Canada, my MOH, although she was British, gave a speech. Whatever route you choose discuss this with your partner and with the MC of the evening. As I am sure the MC will get requests for the mic from your Great Uncle George! Also pick your MC with care. If the MC has a lot of dirt on you this may not be the most ideal person because you may not want your dirt revealed! Pick someone (or two) who knows you both well and you trust with the mic for the whole evening 馃檪 Not Uncle George. Cheers to Uncle George and his great speech!


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