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A SUPER Surprise Party

A SUPER Surprise Party

This past weekend we held a surprise SUPER party for my little nephew’s birthday. We held it in my mom’s backyard. 

We set up under a very large tree, right next to the clothes so that we could hang our streamers. We started at the tree and tied them to a large branch. We swung them out toward the fence and the clothes line and tied them off so that it created a streamer ceiling over the table where the kids would be eating.

I made tissue paper pom-poms to hang in the center to hide where I had tied up the streamers. To create the streamers I used long strips of table cloths. I have never been a huge fan of when people use the rolls of tablecloths for decor however one of my designers used them at our Stewart Park set up and I have fallen in love with it. So as soon as I got the chance I used it.
I also used the tablecloth material to create a table decor. I used the yellow just like a standard tablecloth. And I made stripes using the other colours.
This whole party set up started because my mom wanted me to pick up party hats. Party hats are not really in anymore so I picked up Batman masks instead. There were several girls coming to the party so we decided to girlify some of the masks for them because the party store didn’t carry girl superhero decor and costumes. 
But before I could do that I had to check with my sister because my nephew is very particular about his costumes. My nephew is an avid dresser-upperer (yes I just made that word up). He’ll come to our house dressed as Batman, strip off a layer and be a cowboy, strip off another layer and be Superman. And his costumes have to be perfect, no substitutes. 
For the kids who attended we created loot “buckets” out of items they could use during the party and take home with them along with some candy treats of course. 
I specifically chose to add the Double Bubble to the loot bags because of the colour of the packaging. When you are doing a theme party it is important to do your best to keep everything in the theme, even by using the colours to carry it through to things like loot bags. 
For the kids I thought it was really important for them to have capes but they were too expensive to buy so I made them out of the rolls of tablecloths as well. It cost me $30 to buy the three rolls (red, blue and yellow) and I was able to make 6 capes, streamers, and tablecloths for three tables and I still have lots left in all three colours. 
This SUPER cutie is my niece showing off the girl version of our Batman costume. My daughter painted them pink using craft paint. It took three coats of paint to cover the black masks. They probably could have taken a fourth and would have looked super cool done up with glitter. 
No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. My cousin made this gorgeous Batman themed cake. 
This last photo I want to share with you is just because it is so damn cute. And before you ask, yes my sister gave me permission to share this photo with you. 


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