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A Little Something Extra

A Little Something Extra

Last week I celebrated by 38th birthday. Although my birthday was on the Tuesday the celebrating started on Saturday with a dinner at our favorite restaurant with friends. Monday my husband and I biked to Merrickville for an overnight stay.

The celebrations continued on Wednesday with a group of my girlfriends escaping reality and taking off up to our cottage for one night. Just before we left I had a brilliant idea. We had a wonderful meal planned and I thought we should decorate our table in style. I sent my friends to my linen supplier to pick out any linens they wanted.
Like a kid in a candy store…imagine walking into a linen store and getting to pick any linen you want..shiny, crazy colours, anything at all! 
We broke out the food and drinks early on. We had delicious cheeses, crackers, brownies made with rum and of course some homemade bread. Gotta love eating great food and drinking fancy drinks with a group of girlfriends.

When supper time rolled around it was time to see what gorgeous linens they had picked for our “fancy” night at the cottage. What a contrast, gorgeous linens and a bunch of ladies in cottage attire, messy hair and no makeup sitting at a table set for an exquisite meal in fancy dresses and tuxedos. 

We ate and laughed and toasted around a gorgeous table full of bling and pretty stuff. And it was so much fun! It was the perfect way to spend time with my girlfriends.

Do you get together with your girlfriends often? Do you have a book club? Have you ever thought about doing something a little different? Why not spice up your table setting. Did you know you could have this gorgeous setting for about $40. Yup that’s it! $40 to totally surprise and wow your guests. Take ordinary to extraordinary that easily. 

Want our help to add a little something extra to your next dinner. Check out what gorgeous linens we have available to you and whatever you do, don’t pick safe or practical. Be wild and crazy! Life is too short to not celebrate every little moment in style.
 Contact us and we’ll take care of it. It’s that easy!
Julia O’Grady has big vision, fresh ideas and a proven track record in the events industry. She and her team work hard to exceed client expectations and push ITM Events to achieve greater heights. A driven entrepreneur, Julia also manages the business side of ITM Events including human resources, finances, marketing and writing grant and sales proposals. In taking a high level approach to event management, Julia is able to visualize a project from inception to successful execution. She attracts valuable sponsors by offering meaningful opportunities to engage with participants. Julia uses her keen analytical mind to create incredible events that maximize the available budget. When Julia isn’t planning unforgettable events, she loves travelling the world with her family, staying active, and enjoying fine food and martinis.


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