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Venditti Summer Race

Venditti Summer Race

2012 seems to be the year of fun themed events.

We were hired by our clients to create a couple’s day event for their friends and family inspired by the famous series The Amazing Race. We created a day’s worth of tasks and challenges around Ottawa. The race started and ended at our client’s home.

The couples were each given a team name and colour they had to use to create their outfit for the day. Some couples went all out and others kept it simple.

Some of the challenges included couple’s trivia, making their way through an indoor amusement park, taking photos in a Photo Booth, searching out old tombstones, visiting historic sites for historical data and so much more.

The winner of the race was not only based on who crossed the finish line first but also how many points they had accumulated or lost throughout the day and whether they had completed their tasks properly.

September 30, 2012