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Stephanie and Tyler – Ottawa Valley Wedding

Working with Stephanie was such a pleasure. I love brides who know exactly what they want but are open to our opinions and suggestions. Because of Stephanie’s keen eye for beauty and her willingness to trust us we were able to create exactly what she envisioned on the budget she had in mind.

Being a bride, it is easy to get caught up in all the beautiful things and all the things the magazines…and Pinterest…and your family and friends, tell you you should have at your wedding. A recipe for overspending and unhappy bride for sure. Being able to be patient and doing your research can pay off a million times over. That’s one of the many reasons working with an event planner is key to a successful event. We are able to take the heart out of your event and use our heads – think straight – and not get caught up in the “I wants”. Every time we meet we discuss your wants and your needs and determine what you are really after. Stephanie had a very specific look she was after – super classy. Stephanie, like every other bride would drift and start to get caught up. We were able to keep her on track with the classy look she was after and pulled it all together in a way that had her guests saying it was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever seen.

I often joke about being a horrible wedding planner because I have a hard time justifying spending a down payment on a house on one day. My dad raised me to be too practical – sometimes to a fault. Stephanie’s wedding opened my eyes to a few features that I believe were worth the little extra money. The tent liner being number one and I would be surprised if I don’t recommend it to every tent bride from here on out. It did something to the tent that I have never experienced before. We have worked on several tented events and they have always been great. The ceiling in this tent rendered me speechless. I had seen tent liners in magazines but seeing it in person…wow!

Another feature that was a bit of a splurge but so worth it because it completed the look had to be the gold chivari chairs. I am a huge believer in fate and things happening for a reason and in this case the perfect chairs were simply meant to be. The stars aligned in a conversation that took about an hour to unfold and as they say the rest is history. And I know you agree that this aisle just simply would not have been the same without the perfect chairs.

I’ve had someone tell me that they thought we were decorators first, event planners second. That is not at all the case. In fact, decor is totally outside my own personal comfort zone (that’s why I have a team of wicked designers). My passion and my strength is logistics, budgets and timing. On websites and Facebook the only thing we can really show you is photos of the event. Sharing the 18 page detailed itinerary that went along with this wedding is probably not going to be as exciting for you as these beautiful photographs. Tented weddings especially require an amount of timing and budget perfection that is beyond anything you will ever experience with an event at a venue that is in a controlled environment. The strength behind ITM is that we go into events knowing that something is going to go wrong, we don’t know exactly what it is but we trust our gut to give us hints and we start to plan in our heads for what we think might need to be done. And then when it happens, because it will, we kick it into gear and resolve the issue. And it gets resolved with ease and grace because we were already ten steps ahead anticipating what the issue just might be.

One of my favourite things to do with events that I work on is to add a little something extra. Something special. Sometimes it’s a decor item, sometimes it’s a special gift for the host…this time it was doing the research to find the perfect kissing game for the reception. Stephanie is a basketball coach and although I have not seen her play I understand she is a wicked basketball player. When I plan an event everything (within my control of course) has to be perfect and I look…and look…and look until the detail I am working on is perfect . Well in this case the kissing game was not sitting quite right with me. I researched and researched until I found the perfect game. I found (on Pinterest, where would we be without Pinterest) the perfect game for Tyler and Stephanie. This was a basketball kissing game. We bought a basketball hoop that you hang on the back of your door and we rigged up a belt to it. We tied on the basketball with ribbon. Anyone who wanted the bride and groom to kiss had to score a basket, by only swinging their hips. It was the source of many laughs and the ultimate satisfaction to me was when the bride looked over and caught my attention to say “it’s perfect”.

Stephanie and Tyler’s wedding was not only beautiful but also had one of the best menus I have ever tasted at a wedding. The food was prepared by her grandmother’s restaurant, The Brigadoon Restaurant. Being a foody myself, to me the menu is even more important then the decor at an event. You will never forget the tastes of an event.

And did you see the cake. Stunning, stunning, stunning! Have you ever heard of the Cake Whisperer? You may not recognize the name but you like wedding magazines I guarantee you have seen her work. This was another detail that Stephanie would not budge on, her cake had to be done by the Cake Whisperer, simple as that.

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on about all the things I loved about this wedding. But I will stop now because I don’t want it to seem like a play favourites to our events 😉



*Professional Photography by Sugarbush Studios

*Other photos by ITM Events

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