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Sam Tobias Celebration of Life

Sam Tobias Celebration of Life

There are no words that can explain the feeling of losing a child. Even when you’ve known it was coming, even when you know it is best for your child so they feel no more pain it is still the hardest thing you’ll ever endure.

Being asked to help with a moment of such pain and sorrow fills my heart.

The family had most the arrangements made with the funeral home already but there were a few details they asked us to help with. We provided greeters at the door, we looked after having the cupcakes ordered and delivered that they wanted, we made sure there were bubbles and the most satisfying of all was to have 200 pink and 200 crayons there for the children to use to draw pictures and tell stories about Sam.

In speaking with Sam’s mom’s best friend I was told that the family really wanted crayons there for the kids, but only Sam’s favourite colours, pink and purple. It crossed my mind to go out and purchase 200 boxes of crayons and take out only the ones we needed but then I decided it would be best if I went right to the source. All it took was a phone call, one return phone call and one email and within 48 hours there were two boxes of crayons delivered to my doorstep. The crayons had been taken right off the production line at Crayola and shipped directly to me in time for the funeral.

Why is this so important to me you ask. Well because I know that it is important to have that one thing, that one perfect thing that will make this moment perfect. And for this family this was it. I never back down from a challenge and for this event this was it, the challenge that the client had put in my lap and I made it happen because that is simply what we do. Simple as that.

I think the most memorable moment from this beautiful day had to be that just as the service was finishing up and Sam was being carried out to his final resting place the skies opened up and poured a beautiful sun shower. That moment stands out for me because I remember that same moment at my nephew’s funeral. When there was no explanation for a rain shower but some reason at that exact moment there it was.

April 30, 2013