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Peck’s Marina, Client Appreciation Event

I am rarely one to turn down a challenge. I was speaking with the owner of Peck’s Marina and we were discussing his upcoming end of summer celebration for their clients. He said he was struggling with an idea to make the event memorable, a little something, but not quite sure what. I asked him to leave it with me to see if I could come up with something for him. He had already planned the annual event and essentially it is the same year after year. So I wanted to bring something to the table that would leave his guests talking for days to come. He had thrown out a few thoughts but none of them were settling quite right with me. I have no idea what finally triggered the winning idea but when it hit me I knew in my gut it was perfect!

Now let me tell you. Just because you come up with the right idea doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy after that. I struggled for days trying to make the idea of s’more bar perfect. This event was in the middle of September and this year the weather has not been all that great for September, it’s been cold and damp. My instinct was a nice fall bar made with our whiskey barrel bar, some corn stalks and hay bails. But again my trusty gut was telling me to double check on that. Well that idea was changed with a quick message to the client, “boaters don’t like fall”, was his response. Back to the drawing board. I must have spent 3 hours searching ideas and nothing. Finally frustrated I decided I best leave my office and go do something else. So I cleaned our garage. I thought perhaps while I did that an idea would come together so I set out a table and tried different things on the table while I cleaned. I can’t tell you what triggered it but all of a sudden there it was…a nautical themed s’more bar…a few texts to our designer and the idea was complete!

My favourite part of this event was that the client wasn’t convinced that his guests would enjoy a s’more bar. Not to mention, there are only two foods in the world he can’t stomach and marshmallows is one of them, so he couldn’t imagine adults wanting to participate. It is very rare that my gut lets me down and deep down in my gut I knew this was the right idea. So I asked him to trust me. He said he was in but he said we were going to bet on it. He said if there was more than two people standing in line to try the s’more bar he’d stand up in front of all of his guests and apologize and if there weren’t any takers then I would have to do the same.

Well you can imagine his shock when after dinner there was a line up of people for the s’more bar! And true to his word he apologized in front of his entire tent of guests which was followed by a cheering crowd…”S’more bar..s’more bar!!” I love winning a bet.

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