Corporate and Special Event Planning
Dundas Agri Systems

Break the ice — ride the bull.

Planning an event for a group of guys (and their wives of course) who drive around from farm to farm working on incredibly cool robots is alot tougher than you might think. They don’t want to dress up, they are not keen on trying new and crazy things, even though I know I could have convinced their boss to jump out of an airplane for their event. After much back and forth we settled dinner at a local restaurant followed by a private bucking bronco experience. As the guests arrived we had plenty appetizers to hold them over after a long day at work. Dinner followed. What I loved is that we didn’t go with a set menu, everyone ordered whatever they wanted from the menu. That way everyone was happy with their food choices. They could pick a healthy meat and potatoes option, a light salad or even something full of cheese and bacon if they wanted. I had to jump on first to break the ice…you do what you gotta do to get the party started…but was quickly followed by most of the guests letting loose and taking their turn on the bull. It was a truly memorable evening for both all of the staff and their spouses. 

“You blow my mind when it comes to the fresh, fun ideas you have.  Whether its your girls’ birthday parties or a suspense filled Christmas party, murder mystery dinner…you have the talent and attention to detail that makes every other ordinary gathering we have been to look shabby in comparison.”

– Katie, Cheeky Monkey’s Playhouse