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5 Quick Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

5 Quick Tips for Planning a Family Reunion
Planning a family reunion this summer? Here are 5 quick tips to help get you started:
1. Your initial job is to decide how large of an event you would like to host. Will you just be inviting close family or are you going to do some research and try and invite foreign and long lost relatives. Some of the fun of family reunions is meeting family you’ve only ever heard about but it can sometimes make things weird or awkward.
2. Once you have created a contact list you must decide on a venue, this can be a difficult task. Your venue should be in a central location to where all your guests are located or it should have a special relation like an old campground you visited each summer or a family member’s property. The location of your reunion can make or break the event, if it is hard to access some guests may not come. You also need to make sure that there are accommodations nearby for the family that has to travel. Thinking about these types of things before hand will help you to choose the perfect venue for all your guests and will increase your chances on everyone coming.
3. Once you have decided on the location you need to decide on a date and time so you can send out invitations as soon as possible. If you are inviting guests from other countries you will want to have your invites out at least 6 months in advance so they have a chance to save up and book their tickets. Once you have sent out the invites make sure to keep a list of people that have sent their RSVP’s and don’t be shy to keep reminding the ones who haven’t.
4. When thinking of what type of entertainment to offer at your reunion you need to consider that your guests will range in ages, newborns to great grandparents. You could consider a theme, themes not only make the reunion more fun but they can also help with the planning by triggering ideas for activities, food, invitations, and more.  Plus they can act as an icebreaker for family members who don’t know each other.
5. Food is critical. A few things to consider; sit down meal or buffet style, catered or potluck? A sit down meal will require enough tables and chairs for everyone. Buffet style tends to alleviate a bit of that because often buffet means less formal and guests are usually happy to find a lawn chair or a spot on the floor to eat. A catered event is most certainly the least stressful way to tackle the food however it can be costly. You can offset the costs by having each family contribute. An inexpensive option is always a potluck. Just remember that you do have to control a bit of what everyone brings otherwise you might end up with 12 desserts, one meat dish and 15 sides.
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